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Brooke’s Interview

Wed, 01 Jun 2022 15:05:09 GMT

I am a little late to this podcast, but recently finished all seasons. Like many, I was a bit put off by Payne’s tone in the Brooke interview. I don’t disagree with anything Payne said or did. It was the difference in interview style that was concerning. Everyone has gender and racial bias and the only way to keep our unconscious bias in check is to consciously question our actions. Payne stated he had no regrets, but I am curious to know whether he asked himself if any of his actions in that interview would have been even slightly different had Brooke been male. It’s possible the answer is no, but based on what Payne shared, it was not clear whether Payne asked that question of himself. That was the part that was off putting because it’s a question he should be asking himself every single day. I do not say this to discount the need to put Brooke’s morality in check or to say that she should not be accountable for her own actions., but to question whether you are can call that out as comfortably with all interviewees. Lastly, the change in tone did not seem to yield any thing that specifically called for it, which was even more confusing. I thought some potential questions were missed. I don’t have any need for Payne to have regrets about the interview, only wonder whether he questioned the role his unconscious biases may have played.