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Catfish actually a catfish

Thu, 14 May 2020 17:07:48 GMT

When I first heard the voice of catfish it sent shivers down my spine. He sounds eeriely similar to the voice of a Facebook account by the name of Jayden Jaymes Callared. This account and my aunt started an online relationship but never met in person. This soon fizzled out but they still remained very good friends. Soon a lot of the family befriended Jaymes. He and I especially. He became my "big brother" we'd talk on the phone almost daily. He even started calling my mother "momma Crystal". Sometimes my mother would feel uncomfortable because he'd call us and would sound drunk or confused. Not making much sense or slurring his words and repeating himself a lot. But he had told us a son story about losing both parents and having a hard life so we never judged and always tried to be a listening ear for Jayden. After a couple years of him having excuses for not skyping or Adding us on Snapchat or sending updated photos I began to become suspicious and asked him to prove his identity. Then we were all immediately blocked.