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Disappearance of Brian David Cook

Wed, 09 Jan 2019 01:28:37 GMT

My daughter's father went missing from Wyoming County, WV in July of 2011. There is so much evidence of foul play and horrible intentions and we know most of the people involved with his disappearance, we just dont have a motivated detective. My daughter and I need to find him. Please help us. Search his name, you will see many reports. We have tried everything we know. You can find me Christine Beanie Long on fb messenger or contact me at my email beansnsas@yahoo.com thank you

Fri, 11 Jan 2019 01:22:40 GMT

❤️ I'm sorry for your loss. You should contact Payne rather than on the discussion board. Sending love, prayers and closure ❤️

Mon, 14 Jan 2019 06:30:25 GMT

post this on websleuths. not here.