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Dr. John is not the man everyone is afraid of.

Fri, 11 Jan 2019 02:40:40 GMT

Hi. I’m having trouble pasting this. Last try! Dr. John is not the man everyone is afraid of. Dr. John and Catfish are a couple of agoraphobes. They know what they are guilty of. They know who they have raped and murdered. So they are afraid of everyone. So they hate to go outside. Dr. John has security cameras everywhere, and razor wire on top of his stockade fence. Can you say paranoid? Why is anyone going to steal his weed? You can buy the best weed in the world in Saguache for $50 per ounce, because the dumb-fuck taught everyone in town how to grow it. For all Catfish or Dr. John know, I could be someone who loved Kristal or Raven, and I inserted myself into this situation to avenge her. I’m the opposite of agoraphobic. I sleep outside. I don’t have an address. But, I know where they live. I’ve circled their camps some nights, and they didn’t even know it. I know the man everyone is afraid of. And they should be afraid of him. I’m afraid of him, and I don’t say that about many people. ‘Merka ain’t Mexico. Our drug circles aren’t headed up by a “kingpin” wh o controls everyone under him, equally, with the silver or the lead. In Saguache County, the drug-culture is run more like a U.S. Navy warship. These ships have what’s called a “Master at Arms.” He’s usually an enlisted guy, so he doesn’t outrank the Captain. However, if the Captain goes bezerk and starts trying to launch torpedoes at cruise liners, it’s the Master at Arms’ job to put a .45 slug in his brain. The Master at Arms also heads up Shore Patrol, and keeps the sailors’ liberty call partying from getting out of hand. I have never witnessed this man everyone is afraid of ever commit a crime. He is a big part of the drug-culture, as everyone knows, but he has nothing to do with the fuck-culture. He is a non-violent drug offender, and as I said, I’m not in the business of busting drug dealers. It’s murderers, child assaulters, and rapists that I’m after. Although there is a difference between someone who buys drugs in bulk, uses them themselves, and distributes the rest among his friends and family, and someone like Dr. John who uses all the cliché tactics to push heroin on people who have never considered trying it, or trades with addicted people for it in disgusting, dehumanizing, ways. Or roofies them and rapes them as they’re dying, and after. The man everyone is afraid of does a good job, as far as I’ve seen, as the “Master at Arms.” He may employ threats of violence to keep Saguache drug users in line, but tough shit. These people chose to be patrons of his establishment. His house, his rules. It would be counter-productive to try to implicate him, even if he was involved to a degree with the cover up. Especially because I’m pretty sure he wasn’t involved in supplying the shit that caused Kristal’s and Raven’s and Teri’s overdoses. Those girls probably overdosed on opiates, not amphetamines. And hopefully, if he was involved with disposing of Kristal’s body, because he and I have such good rapport, maybe he could secretly tell me where we could find it, and I’ll just claim that I fasted and prayed, and God told me where it was.