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Hotel Lock

Tue, 17 May 2022 01:05:34 GMT

Hotel Lock Hi all. Just listening to Trial EP. 2 while driving and pulled over to make account and ask for clarification on this. So apologies if the question was previously raised. I have not had time to review or search the discussions while stopped at the side of the road. The defense in opening statement said that Tara's door was locked with a “hotel type” lock that could only be locked or unlocked from the inside. The neighbors who were called on Monday to go check on her had keys to get into the house. What door did they go in through? What's up a side door or was it the door with the hotel type lock. If so, how did they open it or it must have been unlocked, which negates to the defence's emphasis on it being there.

Tue, 17 May 2022 01:07:01 GMT

Hey sorry apparently I've posted this in the wrong Season. This is for Season 1. Can a MOD move it?

Tue, 17 May 2022 01:32:13 GMT

The picture of the door, jam and lock have all be entered into evidence along with many witnesses saying that’s the lock, no forced entry etc. BUT there were questions regarding the type of lock and no real good picture shown. So the defense found a picture that showed the other component of the lock on the other side of door frame. This was to again show a credit card could not force open a lock like that and that there was no breaking into the house.

Catwoman (daystar)
Fri, 20 May 2022 07:50:01 GMT

@les - Front door was only door she used. It had a regular bolt type lock & then she'd installed the sliding hotel lock on the inside that she'd lock at night when home. It was not locked from the inside that Monday morning. Defense was pointing out that if she had been home for the night she most likely would have locked both locks & therefore a credit card wouldn't have worked to break in because that type of lock can't be bypassed with a CC like a bolt lock. They used this as a point to help show false confession. Also to potentially point to the fact that she had left on her own & her death didn't occur at her house. Hopefully that helps answer your question.