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Introducing Dr. John, Catfish's partner in crime.

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I believe your story Kevin. Thank you for sharing it. I hope justice comes from it. I hope other people take it seriously, especially LE. I hope Dr. John gets put behind bars again. He’s a serious danger to the Salida/Saguache/Crestone/Moffat community, aside from the murder(s). Good luck to you, Kevin.

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Thank you!

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Kevin, who is the guy everyone is afraid of?

Sun, 13 Jan 2019 23:33:43 GMT

I won’t reveal his name. He has very limited involvement in the Saguache County insanity, and he is someone I could work with to rescue people like Kristal and Raven before sick fucks like Dr. John and Catfish get their demonic claws into them, poison them, and rape them while they are dying. But let me tell you who Alton and dorkywhitekid are. As I said in my lengthy, semi-literary, post on Quora that I linked on this discussion board as “Introducing Dr. John, Catfish’s Partner in Crime,” I’m good at semantics. Here on this discussion board, I want to practice. I want to identify some posters. I recognized the 5K dude, just by the “dude-bro-dude” words. That was kinda easy. I have a text thread from him, that proves he was trying to do recon for Dr. John. I think he also worked with Catfish to hack my phone. Dr. John said he needed to borrow my phone for some stupid reason, overnight, and it was the same night he was supposed to go to Crestone and buy acid from Catfish. I gave it to him, along with my passcode. When I got it back, it displayed all the signs of bein g hacked. Before you call me an idiot, realize that this was a “counter intelligence strategy” on my part, that worked like a charm. Why do you think that fucking fool, Dr. John, and his gang trusted me so much? I knew the fucktard for a total of about 100 days before I punched him out. If I didn’t make a mistake, they’d probably still be trusting me, and I’d be getting evidence for the CBI under a warrant, that would get some of these reprobate animals put behind bars where they belong. The guy everyone is afraid of, who I will never identify, for reasons I explained in my last post, supplies meth, Dr. John supplies the heroin that’s killing people, more intentionally than not, in Saguache County, and Catfish supplies the acid, mdma, etc. everyone, including the two people who contributed to this discussion board that I’m going to identify. alton is James Roe. He likes to beat his child with a belt. He is a caretaker for a guy, in a house that this sickly man owns, in corporation. Dr. Dean and I witnessed the poor quality of care that the poor old man gets from this bald-headed, acid-dropping, child-torturing piece of shit. I mentioned in my post that I lived with him for a week, and by day two, I wanted to rip off his head and shit down his windpipe. He’s invited into my web of destruction that I’m planning on setting up in Washington State, where I can enjoy beating the shit out of low-lifes like this piece of work, legally, for fun and for donations to my Siberian Dream. Notice that on this MB, alton said, in caps, “MY KID WAS KIDNAPPED!” But, what tipped me off first, was that he uses the word “child” a lot. I recognized it right away, because I had to sit and listen to him rant to a social worker, for an hour straight, about how his parental rights (to sadistically torture his son, by whipping him with a belt) were being violated, because his child was taken out of his custody. The night before, I witnessed this same douchebag drop acid, with his 19 year old son, who grew up in foster care, because he was also taken out of this fucktard’s custody. He said he was so broken up about his son being taken out of his home, that he needed to trip that night to soothe his poor, aching, heart. Then, the next morning, before the acid had completely wore off, he had that ridiculous rant. I’m sure it’s recorded. God bless the social worker who had to listen to that shit. How he or she could restrain themselves is beyond me. If it was me, I would have put the phone down, (which James would not have noticed, because it was a total one way conversation) and I would have drove to his house, and with a baseball bat, bashed his shiny, bald, head, right through his fucking asshole, while he was still running his cock-sucking mouth. Here is the backstory on this daft trash: https://centerpostdispatch.com/article/missing-crestone-boys-father-charged-with-abuse heisadorkywhitekidfromgeorgia is a dorky, but good-looking white kid from Georgia. His name is Levi Roe. He is James Roe’s son. He is 20 years old. He is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, though his writing abilities need improvement. Try making paragraphs, Bro. And if he doesn’t start doing something smart soon, instead of just being smart, all that intelligence, will go right down the shitter before he is old enough to buy weed at the dispensary. Again, my skills in semantics allowed me to see similarities in his posts here, and in a letter he wrote to the Russian consulate. He told me that he heard a calling and wanted to join me in Siberia, far away from this fucking Freaker’s Ball that American society has become, in small towns and in “pockets” in big cities. He either changed his mind after returning with me to Mexico City, to his fucktard Daddy’s house, after his little brother was kidnapped, and then accused his father of assaulting him, and his Daddy got him tripping on acid and mdma and all sorts of other shit they got from Catfish so he “could explore the parts of the mind most of us are afraid to” (such a beautiful mind to be shattered into schizophrenia by Catfish’s poison, Levi! C’mon, cut it out! God created that 160-IQ-brain in your head for something so much greater than the Crestone, fucking, Freaker’s Ball!) OR, Levi was never sincere in the first place, and was “planted” near me to find out what I knew, and what I was going to do with what I knew. I told him everything, including some things I’ll reveal in my next post, that will give everybody goosebumps on their scrotums. I can’t believe I wrote this thing. If I muster up the courage to post it, I’m starting a private war, that will definitely have casualties. I could very well be one of them, especially because I don’t have the resources to hide as well as I would like to. Could I get a little support, at this point, LE? I’m starting to feel cornered. The sick freaks cornering me need to understand that I’m right with God, and if I’m not going to Siberia, and instead going to my grave, or going to be left adrift in this sea of shit, cum, piss, and corruption that we call “American culture,” I’m taking as many of you “fly motha fuckas” as I can, with me! I mean that. I have a friend who was a sniper in Vietnam. He had 89 confirmed kills. I have 112 people on my shit list. Don’t make me drop the “s” and beat his record.

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Alton is not the guy who beat his kid in the Baca. I am someone who knew Catfiish's ex in HS. Try to keep up.

Sun, 13 Jan 2019 23:41:10 GMT

I mocked Catfish when HE posted "My kid was kidnapped."

Mon, 14 Jan 2019 00:09:54 GMT

@Kevin - you have it wrong. Dorkywhitekid is obvious to those of us who have been here for a while, and Alton is who he says he is, a former acquaintance of Catfish's ex. You spin a good story, but if you can't even get these two figured out then the rest of your dialogue becomes suspect.

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Kevin, dorky writes just like Catfish. He popped in one day and hasn’t posted since. It seems he finally listened to the podcast 😉. On another note, others think $5k guy is Zeven. Do you know him? Does he know “scary people” too? Same scary people as Jesse?

Mon, 14 Jan 2019 00:43:10 GMT

It is obvious that "dorkywhitekid" is John Keenan.

Mon, 14 Jan 2019 01:09:18 GMT

@dorkywhitekid confirmed he was Catfish in a PM

Mon, 14 Jan 2019 03:34:04 GMT

dorkywhitekid is catfish, and Alton is an old friend of CF's ex... if youve been following you'd know he has a big stigma against drug use 😂...

Mon, 14 Jan 2019 05:55:13 GMT

My apologies. I stand corrected. Apparently I’m not as good at “forensic semantics” as I thought I was. I did admit, I suck at message boards. But how confusing with all the pseudonyms, and private messaging, and 100s of nonsense, flaming posts. Not to mention the season 1 / season 2 mix. Maybe I should have just kept the dialog on Quora. I’ll shut up, until I catch up. Then I’ll come back if I’m welcome. Peace!

Mon, 14 Jan 2019 06:03:36 GMT

@Colorado: No, I don’t know Zeven. Maybe I shouldn’t ask until I read through more carefully, but how do you know how Catfish writes? Did he use a different pseudonym here previously? Dorky writes a lot like Levi too, and Levi is from Georgia, I thought Catfish was from North Carolina. Ok. I’m digging in and taking notes! Be back when I can.

Mon, 14 Jan 2019 07:36:29 GMT

Ok. That’s over an hour of reading, and I’m more confused! I didn’t even make a single note. The only thing I found helpful was from itsmethelandlord..but she seems to have left. I’ll try to stick with it, but I might go back to just telling what I know, and think, as someone who knows what the scene in Saguache County is, and you guys can make of it what you like. Or, might I suggest that someone like Mandle or Rockefeller who have been in this discussion, summarize the pertinent stuff to date, and give us newcomers a fresh start. Also, in the summary, can we get the whose who, at least identifying the people who are “locals” separating them from those who just know the story from the podcast...

Mon, 14 Jan 2019 15:51:50 GMT

@kevinleland I will help you out bud. Adorkywhitekid is verified CatFish. He is using this name as a way to mock Payne who is a white kid from GA. There have been many of CF's facebook and text messages posted on here, that is how everybody knows his writing style and was able to compare and figure it out. Not sure if you have access to Facebook, but if you join the "Up and Vanished Season 2 UNOFFICIAL Discussion Board" (Very important it is the UNOFFICIAL board), there are a ton of messages both public and private from the people involved in the Podcast, as well as a compilation of a lot of other relevant internet posts, photos, etc. It is all under the photos tab. That is probably the fastest way to catch up. Hope this helps!

Mon, 14 Jan 2019 15:54:46 GMT

Also yes, many of the posts tend to get high jacked or turn into pointless squabbling, but there is a lot of information spread throughout the boards. Usually, the posts with the highest number of responses are the most informative and relevant. It will likely take some digging and A LOT of reading.

Mon, 14 Jan 2019 16:29:36 GMT

Thanks HQR, I’ll go over there. I just logged another hour of reading, still no notes, but a few questions. I know my own longwindedness has probably caused some confusion. So let me clarify and summerize something : I originally made the connection that Dr. John was responsible for Raven’s death and dumping. Then , next, the financial connection between Dr. John and Catfish. Then, I found out that Dr. John killed his wife, Terri Rill, who I think knew all about what happened to Raven, but didn’t tell me anything about it, yet told me a lot of other secrets about Dr. John. Why? I think Teri, and everyone else involved, have multiple ulterior motives. Then I found out about catfishes connection to Kristal’s death. It’s like I started on one end, you guys started on the other, and we’re going to meet in the middle. I read about a theory of a child porn ring. alton seemed to be trying to flush that out by insinuating it. James Roe and Levi Roe have a connection to that, and a connection to Catfish through the acid and mdma and shrooms. But it’s not about the drugs everyo ne is doing, it’s about what everyone is doing when they do the drugs. And, it’s about using the drugs as the ultimate murder weapon. Will I be able to speak to Rodney, Eli, Ara, Payne, etc., on the unofficial DB?

Mon, 14 Jan 2019 19:23:40 GMT

It is unlikely you will be able to talk to any of them unless you message directly. Ara left a long time ago and the family has had minimal contact on Facebook. Also, they had to deal with somebody specifically from this board who made some false claims to them. If you are trying to relay info I would just call CBI.