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Invitation to Catfish John Keenan from Kevin Leland

Sun, 10 Feb 2019 01:15:57 GMT

Catfish John Keenan. I will be arriving at the Greyhound bus station around 3:00 PM tomorrow, February 10th, 2019, in Raliegh, NC. I want to meet you, and accuse you, to your face, of not only knowing what happened to Kristal Reisinger, but making video content of it, and posting it on the DarkWeb in exchange for cryptocurrency. I will not have any recording device. You can tell me anything, and it can't be used against you. Show up, and defend yourself against my accusations, which many people who heard the Podcast are in agreement with. We will listen. If you know where her remains are, for the sake of human decency, tell us where to find them, so the poor girl can have a proper burial, and her grieving family can have some closure, even if what happened to her continues to be just conjecture. But know that time, and the efforts of people who want justice, will convert that conjecture to facts and evidence, and whoever was responsible will be going down for their crimes. If you are not guilty, and not a coward, then show up. I'll be there for about 24 hours.

Sun, 10 Feb 2019 14:20:34 GMT

I do not think he frequents these boards, you would be better off to post on his FB or Insta.

Sun, 10 Feb 2019 21:26:42 GMT

I hear you. I sent him the message via FB messenger, and posted it everywhere, except Instagram. Good idea.