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Jodi Hisentruit (Don't know where else to post this)

Sun, 13 Dec 2020 03:58:03 GMT

I know I'm a bit behind with the podcast episode of this but is it just me or does Amy seem a bit suspicious? She seemed to either be obsessed or jealous of Jodi... I could just be looking too far into it but still. Also, if it was a cartel that really was concerned about Jodi getting too close and it being a cartel, wouldn't they try to get rid of all evidence? Such as her items scattered around her car? And if it was someone obsessed with her, wouldn't they take all of her items, or at least most, because of their obsession? Could be the too many fictional crime shows swimming around in my mind but it just got me thinking.

Sun, 13 Dec 2020 04:21:13 GMT

Also, although Amy said she talked to Jodi, who can actually verify that Jodi answered? It could have went to voicemail or, I know this is a stretch, a partner? Amy also went back and forth basically saying she was helping the investigation by figuring out what she might have been wearing when she had already said it and no one asked again... As if she was trying to make her seem like she was a good person.