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Korrina and Annette

Fri, 25 Sep 2020 20:19:10 GMT

Just got done listening to this podcast and had a thought. If the bus driver actually saw Annette at the stop before circling around to get her, how did they not see the car or person picking her up? I’m a elementary school teacher, if you work with kids you know how long it takes them to write a sentence or two. Especially a few sentences that would have words crossed out. The note she wrote would have easily taken her 10-15 minutes to write. She would have needed to find a piece of paper in her bag, get her pen or pencil out and then actually write the note. I didn’t notice words spelled incorrectly in the note, so that means someone had to tell her how to spell them. The wording on the note also points to someone telling her what to write. This would have taken a lot of time to prepare. Based off of this, I believe that Annette actually wrote the note the night before. Who was she with that night? I’m assuming her stepfather. I believe he did something to that poor sweet little girl.