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Murdered in the Home

Sat, 14 Mar 2020 00:23:30 GMT

Payne, what evidence is there besides the Ryan Duke "confession", that Tara was murdered in her home? As an attorney (though not usually a criminal attorney), I don't believe that the lamp, the clothes, the car, the dog, and the lack of forensic evidence of death, struggle, or injury support that Tara was killed in her home. Has anyone tried to open her door with a credit card? That is my first question. After hearing about the 411 call to her home and other things, I felt like the killer went to her house after she was killed to leave her phone...already had her keys, and deposited her clothing and phone and car. they could have knocked over a lamp. But the lamp is not so meaningful. I knocked over my lamp the other day accidentally, and the same thing happened as is described about Tara's lamp. My second question is ...in talking to the people who were in Tara's house before the pageant...what was the state of her room according to the last people who were in there while she was alive? I never felt she died in her home. You have an incredible gift for investigation. I love your podcast for many reasons. What you have done with this case is unusual, remarkable, and sustaining. Everything about the charges against Ryan Dukes seems to center around a home invasion. But this doesn't look like a home invasion at all. it looks like the killer went to her home to return items that could incriminate him/her later....like there was a "mastermind" to the scheme. Mysterious...yes....but listen to Brooke. Brooke seemed like a very less than credible person. What likely prompted her report about Tara was probably her knowledge that Bo had raped and sodomized other people in that recent time. I did not believe Brooke saying that she told about Tara as soon or shortly after she found out from Bo. I think Brooke knew about Tara for a long time. So here comes question #3.....Bo and Brooke both stated that Bo's ex-wife blackmailed him about being involved in burning Tara's body. Has anyone spoken to Bo's ex-wife? In the law, we lawyers look certainly at what people say who are asked to speak, then we are processing a million questions about the obvious things that are not said. Often times in the law, we are very keyed in to what is left unsaid while everyone is clammering and chattering and saying too much. It is like Bo getting on your site to communicate because Brooke did a shitty job of doing that for him. That is the killer. Bo wanted to be a" zodiac"....Bo is a ZERO. Brooke is a ZERO. What happened to Tara?

Sat, 14 Mar 2020 00:46:15 GMT

I would look for other missing women over the last 12 years that Bo may have encountered.

Sat, 14 Mar 2020 00:51:09 GMT

Your Pod Cast is awesome. You solved the case of Tara, but you probably did more than that. ...stopped a serial killer.