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My 2 Cents

Sun, 22 May 2022 03:02:58 GMT

Bo will always tell his distorted reality. He has probably by now convinced himself that his lies are real. That is typical of sociopathic narcissistic behavior. They all will keep the truth concealed until they are forced to tell the truth. I fear all the talking that will happen has happened. You can only now leave it their consciousness to live with the choices and consequences of their actions. I personally feel Bo was the mastermind and Ryan was a follower. Ryan felt protected by Bo. Who knows.. they could have been in a relationship and had deep embedded sexual fantasies that they acted out together. There are actually "swinger" resorts and a website for people for deep dark fetishes. The family will never know what really happen and perhaps there is a purpose that God has shielded the family from knowing the actual details for their own sake. We have to leave it to him. The jury has spoken to the best of their ability with what they had at hand. Small towns and when alot of people are connected to law enforcement, politics, and money... things like this h appen. A family's business was at stake and a spoiled child who once was the example of the phrase "always got away with murder" comes to fruition.