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My thoughts... There is no body.

Wed, 06 Nov 2019 22:00:10 GMT

I believe the reason no one is coming forward is because there is no body. Catfish said that he believed there is no body. When that wasn't what Payne said or meant. I believe Dreddy Brian has something to do with the disposal and maybe being that Catfish called him a tweak and druggie, he forced him into hiding because he knew that if he was questioned he would end up slipping. Some people said they are afraid of Catfish, seems to have a temper issue... So I'm sure this dude Brian was scared into hiding. Catfish is probably supplying him with drugs in order for him to remain silence. I'm currently only on episode 10 so I'm not too sure about the most recent status of the investigation but these are my thoughts so far. Catfish does not seem sympathetic at all, he seems to be giving very vague responses, like he is watching what he says to not slip up. I think the cop, Wayne, who was said to of taken her phone to the kid Matt, is paid off by Catfish. And Catfish urged him to get a hold of his phone because there were incriminating messages in there. Wayne must have threat ened Matt, because he was the one who gave Kristal the drugs, and so he did whatever Wayne asked and now there is hardly anything incriminating if anything incriminating on the phone at all. If it's a small town and not many people live there, and there is sort of this policing themselves thing going on, I feel like no one will ever come forward. Until they find the remains or Catfish himself admits. Which he seems unlikely to do.