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"no dog in the fight"

Mon, 20 Jan 2020 07:20:35 GMT

I've been bingeing on this podcast and I'm getting kind of sick of how the creator paints himself as this unbiased investigative journalist with "no dog in the fight". This is patently false! Your "dog" is this show; the fame, financial rewards and the subsequent podcasts that followed. This thing isn't some impartial examination of evidence but more a sensational rag that gloms onto every crackpot theory. Granted some of them do make some cogent points but that doesn't make the whole thing any less tainted. Hey even the National Enquirer gets it right some of the time. It's kind of nauseating to hear all the clips of people saying you solved the case! You didn't! Before Bo Dukes girlfriend went to the police, all your leads were SO VERY WRONG. We don't know why she went to the police, she never said it was because of the awareness/attention that came from the show. In fact, from your podcast, we can intimate that she's either doing it for the money or the fame (just like you). Moreover, can you stretch this mess out any longer? I mean it's one thing to inadvertently chase "white rabbits" but you're intentionally doing it most of season 2 in order to milk this sucker out. It's annoying.

Mon, 20 Jan 2020 14:33:56 GMT

What the podcast brought was attention to an area that went cold and silent. It also helped increase reward money some of which I believe Payne invested of his own. You also clearly don’t understand that the first podcast made wasn’t financially easy for anyone. You pick up what you’re doing where you live you’re still paying rent while also floating to pay for flights, food, and car rentals not knowing if your podcast will go anywhere to make any money at all. It is as risky as investing a small fortune including your time into penny stocks. The individual was also tracing steps in a small town at night. I’m sure the families are now at peace understanding the killers are being prosecuted.