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Not the best podcast

Fri, 27 Dec 2019 15:33:13 GMT

I love true crime podcasts. I've basically listened to them all. This podcast was pretty slow moving. I feel like the podcast didn't really uncover anything... it just took a lot of time saying not very much. You could have said "Ryan Duke did it" and I would have basically gotten all of the information I obtained from the podcast. I stopped listening after Brooke's story. I think Payne bullied this woman. I don't identify with this woman at all, but I didn't appreciate listening to a reporter get up on a soap box and scold a grown woman.

Sun, 29 Dec 2019 06:19:20 GMT

It was happening in REAL TIME. Therefore, there’s only so much they can report on and so much that can legally be said. And bully a grown woman? More like trying to get through the “poor me” bullshit. Trying to make people feel bad for her and Ryan when there was literally a woman murdered and a whole town grieving for her. Imagine knowing someone admittedly burned a body, kidnapped and raped two woman and then trying to defend him by saying “he was just a kid”. Get real 🙄

Sun, 29 Dec 2019 06:21:29 GMT

and yes, if you would’ve listened further you would have found out Bo Dukes held two woman against their will, raped them repeatedly, and then ran from the cops. 🙃

Sun, 12 Jan 2020 12:53:01 GMT

Her story about what Bo said happened with Tara continuously changed during multiple interviews Payne had with her. And if there is anything inconsistency teaches us in crime is that each change should be marked with a red flag. First his car, then she slips and says “her car.” I mean does anyone believe she came forward with the tip for Tara and her family? Orrrrr was it for $$$$$ orrrrr could it have been her and Bo have a break up or fight and this is how she does revenge. She said it herself that the break up was building for other reasons and this was the cherry on top. Though again inconsistently she has given different accounts of the status of their relationship at the time she learned about Tara’s murder to even when she was interviewed by Payne. Also, she was also involved in that whole stealing money from the military thing with Bo - why are we acting like she’s the tragic victim here? Payne saw her bullshit and challenged it. She was really his first interview that gave him different accounts of the same story, freely.