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Ryan Duke lies

Tue, 06 Sep 2022 18:45:49 GMT

I am new to this podcast and starting at the trial so I missed the lead up. But there is a big flaw in the Ryan Duke story that maybe someone else can explain. He testifies that he didn't know where she lived so drives towards town and uses a payphone to call 411 and contact the house - He also says alongside confessing in his interview with police that he killed Tara that he used a payphone to call her to see if she was still alive. This, I believe was one of the only parts of the confession the killer would know (the payphone call) - so the only thing he would actually have to explain to the jury bc they all know this call happened and he knew about it. The point I want to make is he had Tara's purse on him at this time. Therefore, he had her address ON HIM from the drivers license. This really makes me believe he knew he needed to justify the payphone call - he had her address on the license - It makes me really believe what he said in his confession the FIRST TIME.