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Ryan Duke was patsy for Bo Dukes

Sat, 25 Jan 2020 21:16:01 GMT

Just found this podcast so I'm late to the party, but.... The truth is always the easiest answer, right? Who had a history of theft? Who needed money? Who knew Tara? Who is the aggressive one? Who is a known liar? Who has the large family connections that might help people accept his version? Now, who seems to have a conscience that troubled him (night terrors) I would bet just about anything that Bo either tried to get Tara to sleep with him OR went to her house to steal what he could...... Raped and murdered her. Got his depressed, reclusive friend to help him dispose of the body and be quiet about it for over a decade. Realized he could clear his debt to uncle sam if he threw his friend under the bus by reversing roles in his tale. Why would Ryan go along with it? Because he feels like he deserves to be punished for his part of it and might as well take the full brunt to .... help his friend. Bo did it, not Ryan.

Sun, 26 Jan 2020 04:44:51 GMT

Well we know both were involved and both are liars. I doubt we will ever know the truth of what they did to Tara individually and together. I found it eye opening to watch Bo’s recent trial (and conviction). Looking forward to seeing for myself Ryan’s video confession especially given his defense will be arguing his new claim of his being under the influence of 1 morphine pill of mom’s during that confession morning. He denied being under the influence of anything when questioned and I’m guessing, given he was not drug tested - that he did not appear to be under the influence of drug/substance.In the video clips of Ryan during Bo’s trial, we saw him walking around with the officers to show the officers where he confessed to have placed her body after killing Tara and then of him trying to identify the spot where he and Bo burned Tara (horrific) —he didn’t look physically compromised by drugs. We’ll see and we’ll hear him speak in the video confession. Neither one of these men have my sympathy and I have not concluded Ryan did not murder Tara and I can’t make the leap to concluding Bo murdered Tara.

Sun, 26 Jan 2020 15:25:33 GMT

A huge takeaway from the little we learned for Ryan’s side during the sparsed trial dates involving Bo and or Ryan was stunning! It was when Stephen testified that he was “told” about Ryan being at the trailer with him the night Tara was last seen. The lawyer asked Stephen about Ryan’s newly produced alibi and Stephen responded that he was “told” that by Ryan or Ryan’s counsel. This was gleaned as BM has died and he hadn’t spoke to Bo whom are believed to be the only others present at the trailer that night. So Stephen can’t corroborate his brothers alibi AND when asked why he never told LE that his brother couldn’t have killed or taken Tara that night because he was with him... this presents a version of events that leads one to believe that Ryan’s lawyers concocted an alibi for their client. Bo and Ryan both wish to be considered innocent of Tara’s death. Both have not been fully truthful. But whose story has been more consistent? Ryan’s guilty knowledge of the 411 phone call to Tara’s residence from the pay phone could be another damning piece as Bo, presumably, didn’ t know about it. Bo told many others loads about his involvement in the crimes over the years and not one time has anyone mentioned a phone call that Bo told them about. That’s something that can’t be forgotten, along with the glove and the confession. Should be another summer before a trial date is set but I’d like for Ryan’s team to present his side and not just defend the process in which the evidence was collected against their client. That kind of strategy doesn’t look to provide an innocent POV more than you can’t get me for this which a jury may also notice. We’ll see at some point

Mon, 27 Jan 2020 01:57:46 GMT

Garland’s testimony also was damning. How those two idiots where laughing about killing her while in the truck at another bonfire party. I’m with Garlands testimony , one of the very few who tried to do the right thing just a few weeks after the murder. They are both proven liars , hanging out in the orchard at another bonfire and laughing. Doesn’t sound remorseful or sorry. Ryan never had the courage to go to authorities and Bo only did when he got caught by Brooke on one of his cheating perverted sessions. He may have flipped some of the story but at least his is consistent. They are both right where they should be. But the trial will be interesting, Nacho is right the brother didn’t back up his alibi. The 411 call no one knew about and the assorted versions that Ryan has now told. There’s only one when it’s the truth, I’ve about lost count., 3 or 4 at least.