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Ryan's blackout story sounds scarily familiar

Wed, 28 Aug 2019 13:26:12 GMT

I've been listening to to season 1 and suddenly in E24 something rang a very familiar bell. In 1983 or 84 I borrowed my father's car and went out alone on New Year's Eve in a southern city. I ended up playing pool in a bar I liked with a friend of a friend I didn't know well at all but who had a reputation as a little bit of a rowdy troublemaker. We played pool and I drank. I don't remember anything past the bar and not even any New Year's Eve festivities. The next morning I woke up at my parents' home where I had spend the holidays away from my little college town. I had to start the new semester in a day or two so I put on my jeans (that were wet for some reason - piss) and drove to school a few hours away. Sometime that afternoon my sister called me and asked me where I had been the night before and that the police had called the house looking for the driver of my father's car. I seriously had no idea what she might be talking about and it took me a while for the night before to even come back to me at all. Slowly more details emerged. This is what was reported to m e and only small parts of it did sound vaguely familiar: The guy I had met had (apparently) gotten me to drive by his apartment and he picked up a gun (not just any gun but a very big one I am ashamed to mention) and told me to drive to his fraternity house at his university in my hometown where we apparently parked in front and he stepped out of the car and shot (a lot of) rounds through the front of the house. People were sleeping inside but miraculously no one was hurt. Somehow I was able to drive away from that, drop him at his home and get home myself without having any idea what I was doing. I had no recollection of any of it until people started telling me what happened. My parents did say later that they had woken up and found me half naked passed out in the front yard and put me in bed. They went to their jobs the next day and I drove to school even though they warned me not to go anywhere until they had gotten home to "talk to me". I just assumed it was my being so late and driving home obviously drunk but used the excuse of getting back to school to take off. I honestly had no recollection of anything I heard happened but it did seem like it might have been from a dream. I did not do any drugs that night at all but I do know I drank more than I should. But I can't help but believe that person I met had probably drugged me. But in any case it seems I was totally under his control driving that car and remembered almost nothing about it. I'm guessing this is what has happened to Ryan. (PS I was lucky and only made to attend some university alcohol abuse classes. He was expelled from his university) I don't see any updates on the Ryan Duke case but hoping the truth comes out in the end.

Fri, 30 Aug 2019 17:45:45 GMT

@bbinhoko thank you for sharing that story. It’s truly something people can’t wrap their minds around unless it’s happened to them. I use to take ambien and would literally get up and function like I was awake but not remember any of it the next day. When I first moved in my house I had a vision of what I wanted my home to look like so there was some pieces of furniture i spent months looking for then I put a lot of sweat, blood and tears into them! But anyways, There were mornings I’d wake up and my furniture had been sanded/painted/distressed etc (it had been worked on in one way or another) and i had no memory of doing it!! It is a freaky feeling. It’s 100% possible and believable to me that Ryan truly does not remember that night, only bits and pieces, and much of his memory is based off of what everyone else has told him.