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Ryans Facebook status

Wed, 21 Aug 2019 00:50:53 GMT

Not sure if it's entirely relevant or not but in Season 1 Ep. 17 I noticed that many of Ryans Facebook status updates were not original thoughts but quotes from lyrics and poems and other quotes. I'm not sure if it was caught by Payne and the other gentleman offering opinions but it's worth noting that these were not original thoughts although they certainly could have been conveying what he was feeling at the time. He supposedly wasn't the brightest guy in the world so it struck me odd that many of these status updates were quite wordy. Plus I recognized the "tick-tock of the clock is painful' status was a lyric from an Eve 6 song. Likewise, the 'road diverges in the wood' update is a variation of Robert Frost poem. And the quote about ' find yourself in the arms of a beautiful and a second feels like an hour" I believe might an approximation of an Albert Einstein quote. Not sure if he was more well-read than most people would think or just have access to a million inspirational Facebook quotes that exist out there. And an Eve 6 album.

Wed, 21 Aug 2019 13:04:10 GMT

@dag , yes it has been discussed in the past about the Eve 6 song. But personally I don’t buy he’s not smart. The quotes he uses and his confessions had parts that were pretty eloquent for a dummy. He’s smart enough to get away with murder for 12 years without ever leaving little Ocilla . JMO, looking forward to his next hearing in Sept. and hoping the trial starts in Oct. How poetic if he finally gets his day in court during the month Tara went missing 14 years later. He’s pretty damn clever not a dummy like some want us to believe.