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Statesments made vs investigation

Mon, 17 Aug 2020 14:57:37 GMT

Fan of UAV and avid listener and had a few questions about the statements vs the investigation: Let's assume for a second the statement from Rodney and his roommates is accurate and specifically implicates Catfish: "This is probably around nine-ish [...]There was one person standing outside of it with a lantern and another standing over something wrapped in bedsheets and duct taped. I mean, it was exactly the same size of a human body. There's a shovel literally leaning against his van. [...]" This means that at least 2 people are involved. Further more, keep the shovel in mind. This is an interesting piece of information. So at this point, the shovel was used or taken intentionally. This, for me concludes following: 1) ...assumption the shovel indicates the suspect had a location in mind beforehand: 1.1 An accessible mine (to use the said shovel) 1.2 A location to dig and is known to the person (as mentioned in the podcast, suspects are more comfortable hiding bodies in known locations and not private properties where they could get confronted by the owner of the pro perty) Rodney further states: "[...] tried to follow him. He booked it up to this road called Twin Trees or something like that. It's at the end of Camino Del Rey. When we got there, we were a couple minutes late because we had to jump in cars at my house. He was flying back down that road into the valley[...]" --> A couple of minutes is not a lot to do anything with. Why drive up and then back down? Did the suspect changed his mind of the location to go to ? I wasn't able to find "Twin Trees or something like that" on a map, but the valley is West (includes South-West, North-West) of Camino Del Rey. So lets add this to the possible locations: 1) An accessible mine West of Camino Del Rey 2) A location to dig and is known to the person West of Camino Del Rey Here is Eli's statement: "[...] then he drove off in the direction where there's known to be mine shafts. He was gone for three hours, was what I believe. And then when he came back, he was empty-handed.[...]" Gone for 3 hours indicates 1.5 one way, 1.5 the other (max). This calculation leaves no room for getting out and doing something..So lets add: 1) An accessible mine West of Camino Del Rey in a 1.5 hour radius 2) A location to dig and is known to the person West of Camino Del Rey in a 1.5 hour radius --> Were the investigated mines accessible and west within that radius? --> The suspects family owns property in Moffat. Any locations searched of said family or known hangout locations of the suspect? Another statement of Rodney's: "The next day, people that Catfish had hired ... and his girlfriend were over at Catfish's house cleaning everything out of it. I mean, everything. " --> was this girlfriend found and questioned about this cleaning ? Another interesting statement was about the Crystal Mine location and the Van. Does the timeline match up?