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🇺🇸 JC 🇺🇸
Thu, 09 Sep 2021 00:45:15 GMT

So, maybe it’s just me…. It always seems like people don’t know where people go when they leave a party. I’m not saying that one person knows where everyone goes, but it seems like at least someone knows where a person went. This episode seemed strange to me when he couldn’t find the video. I know he had a different phone at that time, but still. The hacked facebook, seemed a bit strange as well.

Thu, 09 Sep 2021 16:56:42 GMT

I feel like everyone in this town is has a bunch of cowardly and entitled men. The interviews from episode 2 were so frustrating like you delete messages right away? I don't know about you but once the conversation is over for the night, I don't delete them completely, I feel like either they were embarrassed that they were sending either flirty/unwanted catcalling messages or something stupid for them to delete them. I just don't understand why they would delete them, especially if the person you were talking to turned out missing! it is like Crestone, Catfish was textbook, he knows more, its only matter of time that someone will come forward with or without a body.