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Theory of Kristals disappearance

Fri, 27 Mar 2020 00:42:28 GMT

I have listened to this season over a handful of times and cant seem to pull myself away from this story. I LOVE the podcast and I have not been able to stop feeling Kristal pull at my soul since the first time I heard "Stay on the Trail" I hope we are closer to answers for her family and especially her daughter.. I have a theory I want to throw out there but want to slowly stick my toes in the water first! I was wondering if anyone has listened closely to the voice in the background of the episode "Gone Fishin" Before Catfish begins someone in the background says "Ask him if its recording" I believe it could be the voice of this mystery 3rd person, I also believe I have heard his voice before and his name mentioned a few times in the podcast. Most recently the newest episode "Kristal Reisinger " Any thoughts!?!