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Sat, 17 Oct 2020 04:03:52 GMT

Something doesn’t add up . I’ve had dogs and been around dogs my whole life . Was the dog in the back yard when the first person arrived at tara’s house? I know our dog would only willingly go with some they recognized such as my dad who comes to feed her when we are away . A stranger would for sure cause the dog to freak out . The mud on the car , makes me think the person who was at the house was a known person to the dog and was also in that field and may have driven her car . I believe no and Ryan did the burning but I think someone else is involved and these guys did this because someone higher has something on them . This was done in order to avoid other consequences. There’s just way to many ? Marks to me . This kinda reminds me of another story that captivates me. The boys on the tracks . Small town , many theories but no one talking . I could be rambling but I think there’s way more to this story yet.