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Guilty for the murder.. or something else

Sat, 20 Nov 2021 06:31:27 GMT

I just binged all 3 seasons of Up and Vanished. I love this podcast. But what Payne has never really touched on is that a lot of the folks he interviews and talks to are shifty - and all seem to be behaving guilty to us - but sometimes that is coming from the guilt of other crimes they have committed. For example, Season 2 - Catfish seems so incredibly guilty - but could it be from guilt of raping Krystal and we are all interpreting it as guilt from murder? Same with Tee in Season 3 - she has openly admitted to being guilty of many crimes in her interviews and sometimes I think she truly knows what happened and that is why she seems guilty. She's having guilt from knowing what happened, and lying to her family for all of these years. Just a thought - I feel like this isn't discussed enough.