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Sam, Tashina, the FBI

Thu, 28 Oct 2021 02:06:54 GMT

Three things: 1. Is Sam the most genuine person who has been interviewed? Perhaps this is just a "gut instinct" thing, but it seems as though he might be actually honest. (Though his perspective is one version of the truth. I seriously doubt Ashley loved him or had as good of a time on their 6-day drug bender). 2. Why is Tashina behaving in the most self-incriminating way possible? This is EXACTLY what I would expect for a guilty person to do. At this point in the podcast I don't really even consider it a mystery anymore as to who did it. 3. I just wish the FBI would try harder to gather more evidence. Maybe they should send scuba divers into the lake that is referenced multiple times, to look for a body. Maybe they should be conducting interrogations. Maybe they need to fire some lame duck detectives and hire new ones! Why can't they crack the cases of missing native women? Why are they so bad at this?! Good job Payne for keeping this a high profile case!

Thu, 28 Oct 2021 15:52:58 GMT

In regards to the lake that is mentioned, it was actually closed this summer for a period of time to search for Leo Wagners body. Nothing was found according to media reports.

Wed, 03 Nov 2021 14:17:38 GMT

She is still considered a missing person. And I would definitely not rule out anybody in her missing case, especially the last known person to see her. The jurisdiction problems have probably doomed this case.

Thu, 04 Nov 2021 17:54:07 GMT

Regardless if Ashley was into him, Sam's story has been consistent, Payne has asked him the same questions a few times now and his answer has been pretty much the same every time. Tashina on the other hand has been inconsistent and contradictory. Lies are harder to keep straight, especially all the wild ones Tashina has tossed around. Not a good look girlfriend...

Tue, 30 Nov 2021 16:28:46 GMT

Does anyone think it is strange that Payne never asks Sam why he would willingly take Ashley to get picked up by Paul? Even if Sam was on planning on taking her home after spending 6 days together...and on the way to him taking her home, she then said that she wanted to change plans and have Sam stop the car and wait for Paul/ Vdog, why would Sam agree to that? They just spent 6 days together and were involved with each other. Why would Sam want her to then go be with another guy like Paul? This wasn't discussed at all. Also - I wonder if Kimberly (Ashley's sister) can vouch that she know of Ashley being involved with Sam or Paul in any way? If Ashley and Kimberly were close, why wasn't Kimberly on the record stating that she knew that Ashley was involved with either of these men? And what about her being supposedly pregnant? I wish we could get more details here.