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Suspicious Sam

Thu, 24 Feb 2022 01:30:09 GMT

I find the whole scenario he creates to be completely bizarre. 1) a 20 year old wants to leave a party with a 60 year old 2) a 20 year old wants to leave a party? why 3) she wants to go to an old man's house far away from anyone else instead of a party? 4) She wants to stay there for almost a week?! 5) what is "partying"? some people mean coke when they say partying. Other people mean drinking. Payne needs to ask what they were using. 6) Did they sleep together? SIX days? 7) What did she wear that whole time? Did she shower? What did they eat? Why didn't she want to leave? And last, I don't believe him because, yes, sometimes when people lie, their stories change. Other times when people lie, they get off track. His blathering about what it's like to be on meth, what it's like not to eat for days, what it's like to beat your wife, what it's like to grow up around abuse, what it's like to be Blackfeet: the dude was way off subject. He was avoiding the subject, whic h should have been wth were you doing with a woman 4 decades younger than you alone in an isolated home for almost a week who is now GONE?