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🇺🇸 JC 🇺🇸
Wed, 13 Oct 2021 10:57:48 GMT

Tashina is spicy….

Thu, 14 Oct 2021 17:03:25 GMT

But why... defensive much?

Fri, 15 Oct 2021 17:54:57 GMT

Oh I feel pretty sure her and Valenzuela did it. I mean why else would she be so defensive. She is guilty as can be. And just like Sam McDonald was warned, she immediately tried to pin it on him. But there is too much evidence that they picked her up. They were the last one’s to see her alive. Where ever they were staying at the time should have been completely sprayed with luminal, and searched thoroughly. McDonald’s journals would be admissible in court and it’s a good thing he kept journals. I wonder if anyone has checked with the state of Washington’s Jane Doe records. It’s very possible the reason they cannot find her there is that she isn’t there. T and Valenzuela went to Washington right in that time frame, maybe they went there to get rid of the body knowing that it would be harder to identify her if she is found in another state. Regardless, they could find direct evidence if they searched. But most convictions are made with circumstantial evidence. Circumstantial evidence is not bad evidence. When you have enough of it, it starts to paint a picture. The best ex ample I heard was if it snows all night and you wake up and see a man running through your yard and he makes a trail of foot prints in the snow. Witnessing the man running through your yard is direct evidence that a person ran through your yard. Now if you didn’t witness it but you woke up and you see the path of foot prints made in the freshly fallen snow, that is circumstantial evidence that a person ran/walked through the yard. It’s still pretty convincing evidence to a jury of normal people. My point is if everyone is doing their job they could make a case against these two, or rule them out but they definitely need to be looked at as suspects. It can be a no body case. Like Sierra Lamar who went missing March 16 2012, and Anatolian Garcia was convicted 5 years later and she is still missing to this day but the evidence was enough to show she was no longer with us and he was the reason.