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TID Live Action Filming?

Sarah Kirse
Fri, 25 Sep 2015 02:34:17 GMT

Okay, so this has been a long process for me for almost a year now. I have been trying to create a live action version of TID, similar to what Piéra Forde does with Maximum Ride. I have spent a long time researching and to do this it will cost a lot of money. I already have a location and willing actors but the costumes and location cost a lot. My team and I came up with the idea to start a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to film this. Kickstarter only lets a campaign run 30 or 60 days though. If we end up doing this do you think the fandom would support this in this amount of time? Like would it get around fast enough? And would you help support it and/or advertise it?

Cimone Watson
Fri, 25 Sep 2015 03:54:53 GMT

That's a really cool and exciting idea! I think that it could happen. How much would it cost? Do you plan to do it in KC or Nashville?

Gabby FitzGerald
Fri, 25 Sep 2015 18:15:48 GMT

I think it depends on how much money you need to get. I think people would support it, if you could get a small sample of the same quality that you are hoping to put out once you get enough money, so if you could get a very short scene filmed with the locations and costumes so that you can show people an example of what their money will go towards. I think it might also be incentive if you have reward tiers, so that people who donate will get something material out of their donations, not just getting to see your finished product (personally that's always a big incentive for me to donate to things, and can also be a decider for me of how much to donate). Also, with the costumes, are you trying to buy them or hire them? I don't know if you would be able to do the same, but when my old school puts on productions, quite often they go to a local company who let them have the costumes for very cheap or free. You're at university right? So you may be able to go to places hiring costumes locally and persuade them to lend them to you on occasion for part of your 'university project' or 'student project', and if you're lucky they may lend them to you in exchange for you simply crediting them in your project. Also does your university have a costume store? You may be able to borrow things from there, or if not you may be able to find out where they aquire costumes for when they do shows and it may be easier for you to aquire costumes from there? I don't know what your university's drama stuff is like, or if you've looked into all these things already, if you have then just ignore me! But if you can get costumes for cheaper somewhere then that will bring down the overall price, and I think if you have a lower price people will also be more inclined to donate, or donate more as it will seem more achieveable. It will also help if you try spread the word about the kickstarter a lot for a while before you actually put it up, because then when it goes live a lot of people will already know about it. I am currently an in-debt university student myself, so it will depend on how much money is in my bank when it goes live as to whether I am able to donate or not, but if you put something on facebook or twitter or something I'll definitely share it and help you spread the word that way! Okay, that was very long. I'm sorry, I tend to do that, hope it was of some use though!