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Hello Jason

Wed, 28 Oct 2015 12:41:27 GMT

I am very interested in 360 videos and 3d 360 videos. Curently I use 14 sj4000 cameras, using kolor software for stitching. Here is my results so far. http://eyes.kolor.com/video/f1a09c2dc4c0ec15ec5318dac9ac1511 http://eyes.kolor.com/video/537d4567272a64877af96f058e3f433a Now I am focused on 3d rig and building my own, also Bulid on my own rig for 2d 360 video. Sj4000 doesnet have 4:3, all videos are recorded in16:9 aspect ratio. Looking into your rig for 3d and buliding for my cameras. Thanks for great blog and everything what you did! Cheers, Ozren