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xiaomi autoexec

Mon, 07 Dec 2015 03:13:42 GMT

Hi Jason. I am working on a 6 cam rig. I noted you said you are using a script to get the camera to shoot 1600x1200p60. Are you distributing this script? Where can I get a copy? thank you.

Paul Armstrong
Mon, 07 Dec 2015 03:22:13 GMT

Jason has mentioned dashcamtalk.com previously. That's pretty much where all the xiaomi yi script and firmware talk is. Thread regarding autoexec scripts: https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/threads/about-autoexec-ash-files-for-new-users.13707/ Xiaomi board: https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/forums/xiaomi.153/

Ben Knill
Fri, 11 Dec 2015 03:28:42 GMT

Hi Jason, like the guy above I've been following your comments on the Dashcam forum and spent way too much time trying to get these autoexecs to work. While I can get bitrate, frame rate, RAW photos, WIFI etc no problems, I've had real trouble with Dimensions. The only one I can get to work is with a very old firmware (1.0.12) and the code you mention here https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/threads/yi-hacked-resolution-2304x1296-30fps-35mbits.11589/page-4 Here's my code: #set bitrate to 35Mb/s writew 0xC05C28A6 0x420C #set video resolution to 1600x1200 60fps writeb 0xC0697626 0x0C Seeing as you're the only person who has posted video resolution code that I can get to work, do you also have the resolution code for newer versions of the firmware where the battery lasts for more than 10 mins and it doesn't crash when it misses the wifi connection!?

Ben Knill
Fri, 11 Dec 2015 03:46:26 GMT

Actually, I was wrong 1.2.12 works with #set video resolution to 1600x1200 60fps writeb 0xC06CC426 0x0C #set bitrate to 30Mb/s writew 0xC05C2092 0x41F0

Tue, 22 Dec 2015 12:20:15 GMT

Run 1.2.13, I am using: #Noise Reduction t ia2 -adj tidx -1 -1 -1 #set video resolution to 1600x1200 #set video frequency to 30fps writeb 0xC06CC426 0x0D #set bitrate to 40Mb/s writew 0xC05C20C2 0x4220 60 fps is apparently interpolated in some way and seems to degrade the image quite severely. NR off to reduce the smearing, better to do NR in post. 40 vs 30 Mb/s - not sure if it makes a huge difference in quality, but I have fast cards so why not.

Tue, 22 Dec 2015 12:21:16 GMT

Anyone got experience with messing around with sharpness or lowering the ISO for image quality? Also did you guys have to adjust focus manually?