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Snatch - receiving too high/no squat

Mon, 26 Jun 2017 19:25:46 GMT

Hey Wes, first of all congrats on your american record and getting your name out there. Cant wait too see you at the Olympics! Do work! I have been weightlifting about 2 months and I am seeing some improvements, however I am concerned with my receiving position and getting under the bar. I seem to be catching it in like a half squat and then I squat with the bar over head as if it was a separate movement. As if there was some hesitation which I cant controll. I would like to get some fluidity into it. I would send you a vid but donť know whether it is possible. I am working on keeping the bar tight, leading with elbows up. One problem I have is bending the knees during extension which I think makes me lose power so I have been working on that too. Any help woudl be greatly appreciated! Thank you

Wes Kitts
Thu, 01 Mar 2018 05:17:59 GMT

I would start by just drilling a good catch position and getting comfortable with the bar overhead. Snatch Balance is a great drill for this. Add some pause overhead squats as well if you really want to get comfortable down there in the bottom overhead. Getting comfortable with a low receiving position takes time and practice. Don't rush it. I would encourage you to practice a perfect pull, catch it where you catch it, then finish your squat. If your knees are staying bent in the finish, your chest is probably behind the bar. make your the shoulders stay over the bar as you finish and that your extension is perfectly vertical (no hips forward or shoulders back). Hope this is helpful!