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Pastor Mel's Vision - Segment 1

Mel Martinez
Mon, 23 Mar 2015 20:48:52 GMT

Here are the first three statements in my vision for our church... What is YOUR vision? 1. I envision a church that is founded on Scripture, is appreciative of all traditions that influence our gathered people, is teachable and constantly learning from new experience, is tempered by what is reasonable and reasoned in the light of open and honest dialogue, and is motivated in all things by compassion for others. 2. I envision a church led by the priesthood of all believers. A priesthood that recognizes the great responsibility of our call to go forth and make disciples. A priesthood that accepts with awe the grace of God and offers it freely, as a heart pumps life’s blood to every cell of the body, to any who would but appear in our presence. 3. I envision a church that recognizes, respects, and celebrates the diversity of call among leaders. A congregation who reveres without pedestals, who expects only what has been spoken and agreed upon, and who honors the need for leaders to rest.