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Pastor Mel's Vision - Segment 2

Mel Martinez
Mon, 30 Mar 2015 17:45:31 GMT

4. I envision a church that holds value for all life as worthy and respected, even in the face of atrocities committed (and forgiven), and seeks to journey with all in planned safety and mutual care. 5. I envision a church that presides as a reminder to the entire community that judgment is indicative of life without trust in our Maker and with too much rest on our laurels. A church that understands that all are welcome in a radical and overwhelming way…a way akin to the overflowing love of God. 6. I envision a church that recalls our past with love, and yet lives in the present with all our compassion and appreciation for God’s creation, even as we hope for a future blessed with God’s guidance. 7. I envision a church that observes difference and celebrates it as a part of God’s plan.