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Pastor Mel's Vision - Segment 3

Mel Martinez
Mon, 04 May 2015 14:43:06 GMT

I envision a church that creates shared values with intentionality and dialogue so that all who minister with us do so in covenant. I envision a church that embraces all walks of faith as having value to the journey-maker. I envision a church that, while founded in the gospel of Christ, is able to learn openly, engage wholeheartedly in relationship, and share our truths in belief without requiring “rightness”. This is a church that understands righteousness as a tool for our own sense of right living, and as a humbling honor to be yearned for in our actions, our speech, and our intent. I envision a church that is moved by the desire to give away, and that does not center our thoughts on what is gained in return. I envision a church that chooses to grow constantly in love and is open to receiving the blessings showered upon us by God as a privilege never deserved, but always offered. I envision a church open to change as a movement of the Spirit. I envision a church with a passion for justice in all areas of human rights; in accessibility to resources, in just treat ment by civil leaders, in equal status as human beings regardless of ethnicity or nationality, and in the celebration of all relationships that are born out of mutual respect, compassion, and love. I envision an MCC tirelessly serving as an example of what our Christian faith could be; the joining of all God’s creatures into one community that provides refuge, learning, service, and courage to live this often-tragic existence in the company of a risen Christ, an eternal God, and a lively Spirit.