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Chasing Mirages?

Thu, 01 Aug 2019 22:21:14 GMT

Sorry for a rather long post but want to set background before asking questions.. We are in Canada and my wife (aged 62) was diagnosed with ALS about three months ago and has been on the Deanna protocol since then. The diagnosis was very quick. From initial neurologist consultation to diagnosis took about 6 weeks. Diagnosis was based on nerve conduction tests, spinal MRI (did not include brain) and some basic blood tests. Since blood work and MRI results were good, the diagnosis of ALS was the default even though the neurologist report stated that she did not meet the typical criteria. No brain MRI, muscle biopsy or CSF testing was carried out. Since diagnosis, my wife has been doing weekly physiotheraphy to strengthen muscles, and has also been getting some acupuncture. She has not progressed, and the physio has said that she is stronger now than when she started. At the moment she can walk short distances unaided, but has trouble climbing more than a few stairs due to leg weakness. Her main symptoms are related to chronic fatigue, weak leg muscles, drop foot in her right foot and some weakness in her left hand. Her speech is fully intelligible although it shows some change (not typical of ALS, just sounds a little coarser) since a strange un-diagnosed viral throat infection she had in November last year. She also has a need to clear her throat often in the morning and evening, ever since the viral infection. A recent swallow test showed up normal however. We have been seeing an ILADS registered naturopath in our area and have had numerous tests carried out in Germany and also in the US. She did not test positive for Lyme (from Armin Labs), but did test positive for Bartonella, Babesia and also Epstein Barr, Cytomegalovirus and exposure to a number of toxic mold strains. The Naturopath wants her to try 10 pass Ozone treatment to help with any infections. Our GP is of the opinion that we are chasing mirages following the possible cause / trigger of her condition as being infection related at all, let alone to lyme disease. The Canadian Lyme test also showed up as being negative (not unexpected). Our GPs views are that based on additional blood work that he has done, all her tests show extremely normal, and that any active infection would have raised a flag based on his tests. Questions.... 1. Is it possible to have a chronic infection, that could trigger/cause ALS or ALS like symptoms and still show normal blood work results? 2. Is there any value in getting additional Lyme testing carried out (from Igenix for example). 3. Is it worth seeking antibiotic treatment in the US based on her current test results / symptoms. Is it even possible without getting a positive test result? Any advice would be appreciated... Thanks Don

Fri, 02 Aug 2019 20:02:01 GMT

Dea Don, I would do the provocative antibiotics test as outlined here under latest developments and be tested by Igenex/.

Sat, 14 Sep 2019 08:42:56 GMT

Hi Don Sad to hear about your wife diagnosis. I understand you still have hope it might not be it. I was also using the ArminLabs and gotten similar results: bartonella and Epstein Barr. Have you tried the provocative test and then the IGenex testing? I am also from Canada and possible have used the same ILADS, unless canadian ILADS naturopaths use ArminLabs. Good luck Marian