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Please help

Mon, 13 Aug 2018 15:29:34 GMT

Dr. T. My husband on DP almost two month. (Simplesa ) Muscles twitching and cramps still very intensive (cramps in every parts of his body, even stomach and neck area. He is taking 4 pills of AKG every 1-1 1/2 and AAKG 18 g as suggested . What else can we try to do to lessening those symptoms? Please advise.

Tue, 06 Nov 2018 18:07:52 GMT

Has he tried Quinine Sulfate? That helps me

Sat, 01 Dec 2018 15:02:58 GMT

The 18 g is only an estimate and differs from person to person. If he does not believe the DP is helping have him stop it and see how is symptoms are. Do the provocative antibiotics test then if positive go o the pulsed method