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Adam Dowdy

Deborah C
Wed, 16 Mar 2016 19:06:10 GMT

I was texting with Emma Dowdy (widow of Dave Dowdy) earlier this morning and she was telling me what a hard time Adam (12 almost 13 yrs old) is having. She would love it if there were some guys who would be willing to step in and be a mentor to him. She feels like that huge void is a major part of his issues. So, if any of you ladies could see if your hubbies would be willing to spend a little time doing something with him that would be awesome!! If you have boys his age that we could do things with as well that would be great as well. He is off for spring break next week and she has no plans for him right now, so that is wide open to fill. :) Any evening or weekend days work well with them as well. He doesn't have any after school activities that he participates in. Below are a few things that he would enjoy doing. He loves shooting and fishing! Combat Zone paintball Gravity Bowling/Cosmic Bowling Movies