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Dynamic agent not automatically add after install

Mon, 04 Feb 2019 08:26:12 GMT

Hi I've install the dynamic agent on my workstation but I forgot to insert tdwbhostname into workstation's host file after installation complete the agent didn't automatic add to MDM How to fix this problem I've try restart dynamic agent but nothing change Thanks in advance

Mon, 04 Feb 2019 10:12:29 GMT

Hi , you need to change the JobManager.ini and set a value like this: ResourceAdvisorUrl = https://EU-HWS-LNX110.NPROD.HCLPNP.COM:31116/JobManagerRESTWeb/JobScheduler/resource ResourceAdvisorUrl must point to the hostname (or ip adderss) and port number of the Broker server. If into the Jobmanager.ini you have already set the 2 keywords AgentID and BackupResourceAdvisorUrls then you need to delete the lines with the key AgentID and BackupResourceAdvisorUrls: this will force a new agent registration if the agent successfully connects to the Broker component. Then restart the dynamic agent with the script the script <TWA home>/TWS/StartUpLwa.

Tue, 05 Feb 2019 04:51:52 GMT

Hi In JobManager.ini I only have AgentID and I've delete this line and restart agent but still not thing happen Do I have to check some where else ? I already add server name (both MDM and TWDB) in host file of the agent I've test connection both port 31116 and 31114 from MDM to this agent and from agent to MDM the port both opened Thanks

Thu, 07 Feb 2019 13:07:33 GMT

Please you need to delete the row Agentid and the row BackupResourceAdvisor should not exist and the row and the row ResourceAdvisorUrl should exist and point to WAS port 3116.

Fri, 08 Feb 2019 03:59:31 GMT

On my jobmanager,ini doesn't have row "BackupResourceAdvisoryURL" I only have these rows 1.ResourceAdvisoryURL 2.AgentID I've delete row AgentID and restart cpa service but notthing change here are log in jobmanager trace file maybe you can guide more <Trace Level="MIN"> <Time Millis="1549575411600">2019-02-08 04:36:51.600+07:00</Time> <Server Format="IP">XXX.XXX.COM</Server> <LogText><![CDATA[command <"C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client\CITBin\bin\wscanhw.exe"> executed with error(s)! Process was killed by a signal, exit why is <2>]]></LogText> <LogAttribs><Key>emitLevel</Key><Value>true</Value><Key>emitChild</Key ><Value>true</Value><Key>emitTID</Key><Value>true</Value><Key>emitPID</Key><Value>true</Value></LogAttribs> <Source FileName="../../../src/TWASubagent/jobManagerCore/CmdExecutor.cpp" Method="CmdExecutor::execute" Line="225"/> <ChildComponent>JobManager</ChildComponent> <Thread>8752</Thread> <Process>6436</Process> </Trace> <Trace Level="MIN"> <Time Millis="1549575411646">2019-02-08 04:36:51.646+07:00</Time> <Server Format="IP">XXX.XXX.COM</Server> <LogText><![CDATA[AWSITA104E Unable to perform the system resources scan. The error is "operation failed with error code -6".]]></LogText> <LogAttribs><Key>emitLevel</Key><Value>true</Value><Key>emitChild</Key ><Value>true</Value><Key>emitTID</Key><Value>true</Value><Key>emitPID</Key><Value>true</Value></LogAttribs> <Source FileName="None" Method="None"/> <ChildComponent>JobManager</ChildComponent> <Thread>8752</Thread> <Process>6436</Process> </Trace> <Trace Level="MIN"> <Time Millis="1549575411693">2019-02-08 04:36:51.693+07:00</Time> <Server Format="IP">XXX.XXX.COM</Server> <LogText><![CDATA[AWSITA105E Unable to notify scan results to the server because of a resources scanner error.]]></LogText> <LogAttribs><Key>emitLevel</Key><Value>true</Value><Key>emitChild</Key ><Value>true</Value><Key>emitTID</Key><Value>true</Value><Key>emitPID</Key><Value>true</Value></LogAttribs> <Source FileName="None" Method="None"/> <ChildComponent>JobManager</ChildComponent> <Thread>8752</Thread> <Process>6436</Process> </Trace>

Fri, 08 Feb 2019 09:28:00 GMT

Hi did you check that ResourceAdvisorURL exist and point to WAS port? If yes please open a case

Mon, 11 Feb 2019 04:53:46 GMT

ResourceAdvisorURL exist with correct tdwb name and port I already open the case Thanks