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Switch for test DR

Wed, 22 Aug 2018 04:30:39 GMT

My env is MDM BKM both have db and replicate by db2ha How to perform switch for test DR on BKM and switch back Thanks

Wed, 22 Aug 2018 10:29:46 GMT

1. If you are issuing the command on UNIX/Linux try using: conman "switchmgr domain;newmgr" as the ";" is a command delimter for the shell 2. switchmgr can take a little while to complete depending upon the size of your TWS environment and the number of workstations. You should wait until the new MDM is showing as the master before continuing with other commands 3.If both the MDM and BMDM are listed as master then the switch looks like it didn't work. By running a JnextPlan -for 0000 on the MDM it forces TWS to reread the workstation definistions from the TWS database, where the original MDM is *still* configured as the master, so it will make that one the master in the new plan and send the new plan to the backup MDM, which is probably why jobs ran again 4. You need to get the procedure for switching the MDM understood and make sure that you follow the process for either a short-term switch (you don't need to run FINAL/JnextPlan while the backup MDM is acting as master) or a long-term switch (you do need to run FINAL/JnextPlan while the backup MDM is acting as the ma ster). You can read more about this process here particularly for short-term switch and for a long-term (or permanent) switch