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Motors won't Start up

Thu, 10 Mar 2016 03:14:00 GMT

Put my X Plus one together. Followed instructions to start her up. When i held joy stick down, it would just beep and motors wouldn't start up. Is something wrong here?

Wed, 16 Mar 2016 15:43:46 GMT

@kylemiller, I will have Tech Support call you to work through this. Thank you for your patience.

Wed, 16 Mar 2016 16:57:48 GMT

thank you everything seem to be working now for others with this issue mine was solved by going into config/tuning> flight mode 1 changed to stabilize and unchecked simple mode and super simple> save then disconnect and power cycle drone then everything seemed to work

Wed, 16 Mar 2016 21:01:07 GMT

where do you go to "config/tuning"? on the remote?

Wed, 16 Mar 2016 21:04:02 GMT

@dtardivo- Config/tuning is on Mission Planner not the transmitter.

Wed, 16 Mar 2016 21:18:31 GMT

Ah. I haven't downloaded that. I see its only for pc, I have a mac.

Wed, 16 Mar 2016 21:28:52 GMT

@dtardivo- If you have a smartphone the App is called Tower, Mission Planner is a hassle on a Mac but there is a step by step process you can download. The program for Mac is... https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/releases/download/v2.9.4/qgroundcontrol.dmg

Wed, 16 Mar 2016 21:33:07 GMT

i think i am going to have to call to have you guys help me out here. do we have to set up a time?

Thu, 17 Mar 2016 22:01:18 GMT

I got my compass calibrated and now have a green flashing light. But now the issue in messages says "leaning". is that a literal error that the drone is not level?

Fri, 18 Mar 2016 16:38:04 GMT

That's the first instance for us that this error has been presented. I would contact their support if it hinders the craft's parameters. Here is a link that I found for you. http://planner.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-commercial-support/ If you want to Skype with Tech Support 10am PST is the soonest I can get you in.Will that work for you?

Fri, 18 Mar 2016 21:01:40 GMT

@quentinsmith- Have you tried recalibrating it and taking it outside. When you are surrounded by concrete and metal, it doesn't respond well with the gps signal.

Fri, 18 Mar 2016 22:24:56 GMT

Thank you, Devyn. The solution seems to be to once connect the Pixhawk to the Mission Planner application to properly initialize. Now I get full thrust. I use qgroundcontrol for Mac as you shared on forum 2 days ago. "The program for Mac is… mavlink/…/qgroundcontrol.dmg"

Sat, 19 Mar 2016 21:39:06 GMT

@devynm - Yes, I tried recalibrating it. After a several hour debugging session today, I've identified two separate issues: - The Pixhawk cannot read the battery voltage. It shows as 0.01-0.05 V in the status display in Mission Planner. So the loud beeping sound was the low battery alarm. I was able to work around this by disabling the low battery detection, but obviously that's not a good long-term solution. I need guidance from Tech Support on that - perhaps my drone is miswired? - Then after resolving that, I had one successful flight, after which the drone would not arm again. The message this time was "EKF Compass Variance". I tried recalibrating the compass, but it did not help. I was able to work around this again by increasing the EKF_CHECK_THRESH from 0.8 to 0.9 (per http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/ekf-inav-failsafe/). Is this change safe or does it indicate that there is something wrong with my compass?

Sun, 20 Mar 2016 00:42:41 GMT

On mine, battery voltage shows okay (within 0.1 V of my battery checker). In qgroundcontrol app, I exported to file the parameters as received, so I have a backup in case my tweaking derails. If it helps you to compare, here is the battery part. Battery voltage multiplier is 10.220, the 9 behind it just added in the params file. 1 1 BATT_AMP_OFFSET 0.000 9 1 1 BATT_AMP_PERVOLT 18.363 9 1 1 BATT_CAPACITY 5200 6 1 1 BATT_CURR_PIN 3 2 1 1 BATT_MONITOR 4 2 1 1 BATT_VOLT_MULT 10.220 9 1 1 BATT_VOLT_PIN 2 2

Sun, 20 Mar 2016 05:16:42 GMT

Well, I figured out why the battery measurement didn't work... indeed, it was a wiring problem. See attached photo. It was also very hard to remove the cover - the manual says to just unscrew and slide it off, but it appears that there was some hot glue that needed to be cut first. [IMG_20160319_194500](//muut.com/u/xcraft/s3/:xcraft:zXEO:img_20160319_194500.jpg.jpg)

Sun, 20 Mar 2016 10:51:30 GMT

That explains... Thanks for the tip about opening, will have to do the same when switching to Futaba radio..

Wed, 18 May 2016 13:58:15 GMT

I had a similar problem this morning. Tried to arm my platinum/ai "RTF" model outdoors. Motors won't spin up and the vehicle makes a "sad noise" when I attempt to arm with throttle after pressing safety switch (solid red). Is it necessary for me to connect to "Mission Planner" once before attempting to fly? I assumed if that were necessary it is a step xcraft would have already performed when preparing an RTF model. Since I am not yet attempting automated missions I have no reason to use MP.

Wed, 18 May 2016 15:17:38 GMT

Hi @thrusty! It sounds like a GPS connection issue. We're looking for a blue blinking LED light in the center of the craft; this means you have a GPS fix. Make sure you are free from any obstructions and give it approx. 5 minutes to connect. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any trouble. You can always email us at support@xcraft.io

Wed, 18 May 2016 15:22:13 GMT

Hi Kenny, the GPS shows blinking blue. The status LED shows blinking...yellow I guess. I tried connecting to QGroundControl and saw an error message about "Prearm Inconsistent Compass". I would have expected that an "RTF" vehicle would have had the compass calibrated already. I went ahead and recalibrated the compass using the QGroundControl UI. Will try flying again and see what happens...

Wed, 18 May 2016 15:34:39 GMT

Sounds good, let me know how it goes! With that error message, a recalibration should do the trick. We calibrate and test fly every craft, but sometimes, through shipping, with the change of location, the compass loses its calibration.

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 20:13:37 GMT

That's good to know. I'll be moving literally halfway around the world not too long after getting a PlusOne. It sounds like it's going to likely need a recalibration and it's good to know in advance what to expect. PS: FWIW: for whatever reason, the posting software on this forum is working great now. Thanks to whoever fixed it.