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New Yacht Club for Racers

Wed, 18 Apr 2018 00:54:37 GMT

Wed, 18 Apr 2018 01:02:20 GMT

Yacht Racers Resource Center was established in 1989 to promote yacht racing. Its main function was to provide a crew database and an interactive discussion site. It’s literally is a resource center for sailboat racers. The site and program suffered last year when I took time out from racing to do major remolding of our home. Now we are up and running again with new ambitious plans to really get this off the ground. Ed MacLaughlin will be joining YRRC and he will take care of the advertising the three sites, YRRC.com, the meetup.com site and Facebook page. Our goal is to get PHRF racers that are now on the dock back racing again. We are not focusing on Corinthian or cruiser class racers. They are growing just fine. The problem is those skippers never seem to move up to PHRF racing. We are going to do this by having the racers and race committees of the yacht clubs help identify those people and find out what they need to get back racing. We think the number one issue for PHRF racers is trained crew. Crew is not the problem we can find literally hundreds of people that want to crew on racing boats. What we lack are skippers with boats that want to race. Skippers all want to have trained crew but those people are so rare that many now charge for their services! We need to train new crew for those skippers that need them and we have to do if for free. We plan to start off training and recruiting sailors in MDR, King Harbor, LA Harbor, Shoreline and Alamitos. We will start off with an introduction to Yacht Racing, in the first quarter of each year and then move on to actually training novice crew in the fine art of crewing on a racing boat. We will have chalk talk first and then go on the water and practice the technique. All of our new skippers and crew will be encouraged to begin racing non-spinnaker but they will not race in Cruiser/Corinthian classes but the standard PHRF classes that they belong in but with spin offsets. They will be racing in two classes their normal PHRF class and they will also be scored in the non-spinnaker “B” fleet. YRRC will provide trophies for these boats in the event that clubs cannot. There will be a high point series for these boats and the winner of the high point series each year will get to move on to the spinnaker class and will no longer be scored in B fleet. B fleet is the novice crew class not a rating band. We expect to duplicate the training program in each marina. We will use resources and methods from each Marina to help other marinas off the ground. This program will rely heavily on sailmakers to promote the program and train skippers. Oddly we don’t expect much help from the yacht clubs. The racers of the 80s are now in the 60s and 70s and they for the most part are out of racing for good. They may do an occasional random leg race but not buoy racing. We will also start a racing yacht club. We just begun negotiations with an existing club but if that does not work we will start a new one. This yacht club will not be a full service club but it will be solely a racing club. It may in fact do much of the training for YRRC. It will also be a lobbying organization for the yacht racers particularly with PHRF and many of the clubs that run races. Yacht racers will have a voice. This club will operate in all marinas since it won’t be a landed club. It will concentrate on three areas. 1 The club will promote excellence in race management by hosting racing rules seminars and training PROs. It will have a major buoy race in each marina that shows off the talents of each marinas race management team. We will set our own marks and promote these races correctly and have them be examples of how to do it. It will also host the only match racing outside of LBYCs Congressional cup. The club will also run races for clubs that no longer can run races competently but it will charge for this service and the race management team will be paid. 2 It’s will organize a lobbying group to promote the interests of Yacht Racers particularly with PHRF and racing clubs. 3 it will promote racing to minorities and support junior racing programs for inner city groups. It will also raise money for travel expenses for racers that need the money to race in regional and national races. We see this new yacht club as a step in the process of building membership for the full service yacht clubs. The racing programs at many clubs are having a tough time. Since our target audience is 30 and 40 year olds our members should be in big demand at the landed clubs. Mike Guccione [Crewaprilfools](//muut.com/u/yachtracers/s3/:yachtracers:JC3A:crewaprilfools.jpg.jpg)