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South Bay Yacht Racing 2.0

Tue, 17 Dec 2019 00:34:30 GMT

SBYRC 2.0 A group of about two dozen racing sailors, from Marina Del Rey and Long Beach, intended to form a club to bring new people into sailboat racing. We intend to promote mid-week evening races. These races better fit today’s trend for more thrills that are quick, social, convenient and inexpensive. Greg Rutter, Commodore of South Bay Yacht Racing Club, liked our concept and invited us to repurpose and redirect SBYRC. This provided a structure, membership and the rich history of a 50-year old yacht club that has always had a mandate to provide inexpensive access to yachting. South Bay Yacht Racing Club is a fully recognized cloud-based yacht club that is a member of the Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs (ASMBYC) and the Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA). Our community now has a brand-new racing club, that is also a fully recognized yacht club. It’s a perfect match. Our goal is to be a repository of knowledge for everything that is yacht racing. We plan to talk to each potential racer, see what they need to get out to the starting line and hav e fun while being safe. We can help with trained crew and a mentor that will work with them to find a new way to have fun with the boats they own. A big part of what we plan to do is recruiting and training crew, especially those in the age range of millennials. We have a new database of skippers and crew looking for each other and a discussion site relating to all things racing. We intend to be every racer’s First Yacht Club. Learn the ropes from us and take your time in deciding which full-service club you might like to join. Another innovative program are seminars that teach racers how to win other clubs’ races. These classes, taught by top professionals, will take place ten days in advance of the more popular races from many of the full-service clubs. If you race or own a business that provides services to yacht racers, we need you. We want your knowledge, not your money. We need guest speakers and innovative ideas. Contact me to find out how you can give back to the community by emailing Mike Guccione at innove8@gmail.com.