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ultra z poxy issues

Wed, 13 May 2020 06:35:13 GMT

Refinishing my countertops with the ultra z poxy, had the aqua poxy on there beforehand it was chipping and pealing off from day one. Aqua poxy was not my first choice but when my countertops developed cracks right after pouring I was advised to to use the aqua poxy instead of the si-acryl. Anyways, oil and grease and food have soaked into the concrete over the last eight years. I sanded and scrubbed and even wiped with acetone to try and get out the oil and grease. I've put on two primer coats of the ultra z poxy and it has fish eyes in the finish where it looks like the epoxy is not adhering to the concrete. any suggestions on what to do now? [IMG_4897](//muut.com/u/zforum/s3/:zforum:r5xy:img_4897.jpg.jpg) [IMG_4898](//muut.com/u/zforum/s3/:zforum:HdyP:img_4898.jpg.jpg) [IMG_4899](//muut.com/u/zforum/s3/:zforum:aI9S:img_4899.jpg.jpg) [IMG_4902](//muut.com/u/zforum/s3/:zforum:RAbf:img_4902.jpg.jpg) [IMG_4901](//muut.com/u/zforum/s3/:zforum:PAmz:img_4901.jpg.jpg) [IMG_4903](//muut.com/u/zforum/s3/:zforum:LEAm:img_4903.jpg.jpg) [IMG_4904](//muut.com/u/zforum/s3/:zforum:Ykto:img_4904.jpg.jpg) [IMG_4905](//muut.com/u/zforum/s3/:zforum:cyUC:img_4905.jpg.jpg)

Wed, 13 May 2020 08:06:53 GMT

And then this happened! looks like cracks in the epoxy! [IMG_4907](//muut.com/u/zforum/s3/:zforum:oLWy:img_4907.jpg.jpg) [IMG_4908](//muut.com/u/zforum/s3/:zforum:QKNJ:img_4908.jpg.jpg) [IMG_4937](//muut.com/u/zforum/s3/:zforum:mH6p:img_4937.jpg.jpg) [IMG_4938](//muut.com/u/zforum/s3/:zforum:W8R7:img_4938.jpg.jpg)