New Check out Muut IO for developers

Dear Web developer,

We are looking for exceptional web development skills from any geographic region for our team full-time.

Your job is to take care of this website, its CSS as well as markup. You strive for simplicity, performance, and amazing user experience. You see the value of our dummy, static pages, and your eyes hurt when an element is a few pixels off.

About Muut

Muut is a Portland based company built by a completely distributed team with a mission to improve the quality of online discussion. We launched on April 2013 and we are growing rapidly – thousands of new users join and hundreds of new forums are created every day.

If you want to join an ambitious startup with an important mission, please send an email to [email protected]. Include a short introduction about yourself along with possible links to any existing work, or whatever else you think is pertinent.

Thank you!