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There’s a better way to manage web conversations

Muut is a lightweight powerhouse for forums and commenting. It’s simple to set up and keeps your web visitors coming back with a superfast, easy-to-love platform that keeps the conversation flowing.


Seamless integration with two lines of code. If you can copy and paste, you can get a Muut forum up and running.

Unified platform

Bring the whole conversation under one roof. Muut enables powerful commenting on your blog, news, store, gallery and support channels.


Design interactions wholly attuned to your website and brand. Logos, colors, themes, every last inch of the Muut screen grows into your brand.

Muut lets you deliver an amazingly clean and crisp commenting and forum interface to your users. It prioritizes text, with images neatly tucked away in a gallery. You get enhanced interactions and drive compelling conversations through longer, more meaningful engagements.

Built for mobile

Muut isn’t just mobile-ready—it was designed for it. Mobile users get a fluid, glitch-free experience with your discussions displayed in all its chronological glory. Muut gets maximum mileage out of limited screen space with a responsive interface that fluidly adapts to different screens. No cramped views, no sluggish load times.

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With no ads and unlimited traffic, we promise you’ll love it.

Conversations, comments, support or just banter—one Muut to rule them all.