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Muut and GDPR
blog 2018-05-25 o Monika London o
Muut spring cleaning
blog 2017-04-18 o Janne Lehtinen o
Muut is known for its simplicity and minimalism. We are proud to include only the necessary features while removing clutter. And we're not afraid to take that further.
Building a successful online community, Part 3: Launching
blog 2016-03-22 o Janne Lehtinen o
How do you get people to visit your shiny new community?
Building a successful online community, Part 1: Planning
blog 2016-02-26 o Janne Lehtinen o
Starting an online community is one thing; making it successful is quite another. Read on for Part 1 in a series where we explain how you can start a community and make it successful!
Private Forums 101
blog 2016-02-04 o Courtney Couch o
Implementing Muut Fed-Id (SSO) in PHP
blog 2016-01-27 o Courtney Couch o

Muut 1.16.0

release 2016-01-19 o Muut team 2 new features, 3 improvements o Show details


  • New and more polished authentication system

  • 12 different social login options to choose from


  • Improved the load performance of forum’s “All posts” view

  • Dramatically increased API capacity

  • More reliable connection handling

Muut 1.15.1

release 2015-12-30 o Muut team 1 fix o Show details


  • Improved the connection reliability between you and our servers

Muut + Talki
blog 2015-12-23 o Courtney Couch o

Muut 1.15.0

release 2015-11-02 o Muut team 1 new feature o Show details


  • Private messaging

Muut Act 3: Messaging
blog 2015-11-02 o Courtney Couch o
Weebly and Muut
blog 2015-10-01 o Muut team o
Two great tastes, together at last

Muut 1.14.0

release 2015-08-04 o Muut team 2 new features, 2 improvements, 1 fix o Show details


  • Ability to move threads between channels.

  • Ability to “retire” threads. Retired threads no longer get bumped to top in the feeds they appear in.


  • Plumbing for a totally new email notification system. Coming shortly in a fix release!

  • “Select to quote or share”- tip to the help dialog.


  • Hide odd characters beside account / profile image on Safari.

Muut 1.13.6

release 2015-06-25 o Muut team 1 new feature, 10 improvements, 1 fix o Show details


  • autowatch: false configuration property displays a “Watch for new replies”- checkbox when replying or creating new topics. By default this is true and threads are automatically followed. On both cases users have the option to click the eye icon to follow/unfollow threads.


  • higher performance search index implemented

  • better cache invalidation algs

  • improved median calculation algs

  • public stats on homepage

  • aerospike microsecond precision caching

  • improved abuse protection

  • improved search suggestions

  • fed-ids now fully support all characters

  • api optimizations for busier forums

  • improved API failover handling


  • various fixes from user reported issues

Muut 1.13.5

release 2015-05-20 o Muut team 2 new features o Show details


  • Communities with a custom domain no longer see a forum under This also includes the static content.

  • The help dialog is positioned below the mouse if there is no space available above

Muut Large plan
blog 2015-04-08 o Muut team o
Switching from Disqus to Muut
blog 2015-03-26 o Tero Piirainen o

Muut 1.13.4

release 2015-03-04 o Muut team 3 new features, 5 fixes o Show details


  • A new LARGE plan with zapier, salesforce, mailchimp and campaign monitor integration

  • The ability to embed a forum with initial path or search string on the URL. For example:!/exhibitions or!/?my search string. The path is specified after #!/ characters.

  • Receive email notifications for access request on a private forum


  • Custom logo now fixed and showing on email notifications

  • Google login now works on a private forum

  • Root index not being generated in S3

  • Hosted Custom Domain: SEO links to rather than custom domain index.

  • Security fix: User verification links no longer contain email addressses in plain text form.

From React to Riot 2.0
blog 2015-01-23 o Tero Piirainen o

Muut 1.13.2

release 2015-01-13 o Muut team 1 new feature o Show details


  • A link on the forum sidebar that points to our new referral program. For each referred friend we’ll either give you a $10 credit to lighten your bill while your friends get 33% off for the first 3 months if they upgrade.

Muut 1.13.1

release 2014-12-16 o Muut team 3 new features, 4 fixes o Show details


  • “Make administrator” and “Make moderator” action buttons to profile page (mini & small plans only)

  • Allow unlimited amount of posts on the “Show earlier/newer posts” action button. Currently one of our customer has over 500 000 posts on a single thread!

  • Allow bolding of multiple words


  • YouTube links no longer open an extra tab

  • Google+ login issue fixed with private community

  • Fixed a non-critical (but ugly) JavaScript issue when initializing the private forum as anonymous user

  • One XSS issue fixed

Shopify App
blog 2014-12-03 o Paul Hughes • Muut Inc o
The Muut Shopify app offers you the ability to add gorgeous real-time discussions to your Shopify store and gives any visitor the opportunity to interact with your community.
Muut v1.13
blog 2014-11-25 o Muut team o
New settings, JSON export, Watch all new posts, Custom watermarks

Muut 1.13.0

release 2014-11-20 o Muut team 7 new features, 4 improvements, 1 fix o Show details


  • Check out v1.3 blog entry

  • Ability to watch for new posts

  • Completely revamped settings

  • Ability to export community data from the settings

  • Ability to use custom watermark on uploaded images

  • When you open a new channel or thread the window is automatically scrolled to correct position

  • Muut affiliate program


  • Show display name and a bigger avatar on profile pages

  • “My Account” link is changed to “My Profile”- link that opens users profile page instead of Muut account page

  • Use native select element when switching channels on new post

  • Update to brazilian portugese language


  • Disable the ability to manipulate window.opener when opening user generated links to new window

Slack integration
blog 2014-10-30 o Michael Neil o
Real-time messages from and to Slack

Muut 1.12.5

release 2014-10-29 o Muut team 4 new features o Show details


  • You can now use the same HTML snippet on all your pages to enable commenting. No need to generate anything on the server. Learn more

  • Email configuration URL’s have the email in hashed form. This improves security.

  • A new setup wizard for newly created forums. Eventually this will become a whole new way to configure Muut.

  • Slack integration

Muut 1.12.4

release 2014-09-23 o Muut team 3 new features, 2 improvements, 3 fixes o Show details


  • Ability to configure a custom domain name for the hosted forum (SMALL plan only). How to

  • Consistent overlay styling (confirm dialogs, join prompt, remove and mark as spam popups)

  • The custom brand color is used on the overlay header (MINI plan only)


  • A thread is expanded no matter where you click on a collapsed thread

  • Channel name maximum length increased from 40 to 164 characters


  • “Load earlier posts”- action button now works on all search results

  • After removing a post the scrolling is no longer disabled

  • Allow 4 letter usernames on settings panel

Disqus importer
news 2014-09-12 o Muut team

One of our most requested feature is now complete! Now you can import all your Disqus comments to Muut.

Benefits for site visitors

  • clean and minimal user interface
  • easy to follow, linear and real-time discussions
  • permanent content that everyone can trust
  • insanely fast loads and actions
  • no ads or promoted posts. never

Benefits for site owners

  • a matching design: the comments can be styled with CSS, just like the rest of the page
  • a static version of the comments is automatically generated for search engines increasing your page rank
  • not just commenting, but forums too!

What are you waiting for? Importing is super easy and fun!

Import from Disqus!

Muut 1.12.3

release 2014-09-10 o Muut team 4 new features, 4 improvements, 7 fixes o Show details


  • New website: home, tour and global styling. Glabal switch to “Proxima Nova” font family. Using home baked static generator.

  • Moot client files are now served with SPDY protocol. The CSS, JS and font files can be seen as single concatenated file since the same HTTP connection is re-used.

  • quotes_with_displayname configuration option. When this is set to true the client uses display name on quoted texts instead of username. This can be useful on federated id / SSO setups where usernames may be ugly. The drawback is that when the display name is changed the quoted text is no longer linked to the original post.

  • When My Feed is clicked as anonymous user the login dialog is shown and the feed is automatically opened after succesfull login


  • Simplified the process of (re)sending account verification code

  • User access tab under settings is more convenient to use

  • Big images no longer need to be scrolled on the image gallery view

  • Styling improvements on the settings dialog


  • Client recovery after a connection failure is now more reliable

  • No more duplicate replies when other users edit a post

  • Posts on unlisted categories no longer appear on “All posts” view

  • Fixed syntax highlight error on the first line comment

  • Avoid double initialization of the client in all cases

  • Online user count is displayed correctly

  • XSS vulnerability fix

Muut 1.12.2

release 2014-08-18 o Muut team 2 new features, 3 improvements, 1 fix o Show details


  • 14-day free trial! Try all premium features for free

  • New API method: user.login(callback). API is still undocumented


  • Updated documentation

  • 40% improvement on API response time

  • At- key (@) is now displayed on Android on the Muut login screen


  • User banning now works on the Settings dialog

WordPress Plugin 3.0.2
blog 2014-08-01 o Paul Hughes o
Now with 5 real-time Widgets!

Muut 1.12.1

release 2014-07-30 o Muut team 1 new feature, 3 improvements, 2 fixes o Show details


  • Ability to add moderators who can remove posts, manage spam and ban users. Moderators cannot access the global settings like administrators can. The moderator list is only available for Muut Developer subscribers. Moderators can be added from the new Users tab on the settings.


  • The window title is now localized on “My feed” and “All posts” views

  • The preview is now disabled on small touch devices. Preview was slowing down some mobile phones and it is not visible while typing on smaller screens.

  • Updates to Finnish, Korean and Brazilian Portugese languages


  • Scrolling is no longer disabled when the help dialog is displayed

  • Brought back correct icons on the sidebar. These were all the same on the previous release.

Muut v1.12 – Member only access and Webhooks
blog 2014-06-16 o Muut team o
We are excited to introduce Muut v1.12, the biggest release since launch! New features include member only access, webhooks and centralized settings with lots of new options.

Muut 1.12.0

release 2014-06-12 o Muut team 11 new features, 5 improvements, 2 fixes o Show details



  • Improved documentation

  • Better looks and content on OK / Cancel prompts

  • The “Brand name” setting is now available. This name appears on notification emails and hosted forums headers.

  • The display name character limit is now dropped to 3

  • Better syntax highlight support for CSS


  • Growl notifications are no longer shown for own posts on another window

  • The “create new post” background glitch fixed on dark theme

Muut 1.11.15

release 2014-06-05 o Muut team 3 updates o Show details


  • Now you can post to unlisted channels directly from the forum UI as they are now available in the dropdown list when you create a new thread

  • Issues page is now within our support forum as an unlisted channel

  • Show : instead of # in post permalinks when you mouse over the post timestamp

Muut 1.11.14

release 2014-06-03 o Muut team 4 updates o Show details


  • Fixed an issue on the Facebook sharing from the hamburger menu

  • Very long channel names are no longer clipped on the sidebar

  • More prominent @username- fields on quoted text on dark theme

  • Ability to modify the selected navi element on Designer with the dark theme

Muut 1.11.13

release 2014-06-02 o Muut team 4 updates o Show details


  • No white background on the selected navi item, search field and reply box on the dark theme

  • When hitting arrow-up key on the body field on a new post the cursor jumps to the title field only on the very first line

  • No layout issues with long display names on the account overlay

  • Fixed a syntax highlight issue with URLs

Muut 1.11.12

release 2014-05-26 o Muut team 6 updates o Show details


  • Muut now uses the new version of Google Analytics tracking code

  • Added a simple mouseover underline effect to the avatar on top right

  • “Select forum” is now “Select channel” on the dropdown when creating a new post

  • Finnish and Hungarian fixes to time formatting

  • Muut now works with require.js

  • XSS vulnerability fix

Muut 1.11.11

release 2014-05-21 o Muut team 5 updates o Show details


  • 4 letter usernames are allowed

  • Fixed a loading issue with IE8 with saved style from Designer

  • No more double admin badges on the preview box

  • Render posts on threaded commenting page that belong to a subpath

  • The fixed positioned “Loading…” message no longer appears if Muut is outside the viewport

WordPress Plugin 3.0 Release
blog 2014-05-20 o Paul Hughes o
That's right, embedding in WordPress just got easier.

Muut 1.11.10

release 2014-05-12 o Muut team 3 updates o Show details


  • Setting yourself invisible also hides the green dot indicator

  • Fixed Facebook sharing with uploaded images and all protocol indedpendent image URLs (starting with “//“).

  • XSS vulnerability fix

Muut 1.11.9

release 2014-05-07 o Muut team 5 updates o Show details


  • Spanish language update. See demo

  • Fixed a few errors on the “growl” notification popup links

  • Followup posts from the same user are detected from the @username and not from display name to avoid conflicts with different users with exactly the same name

  • A new url_escape configuration option for SSO users using login_url option

  • Riot 1.0.1

Muut 1.11.8

release 2014-05-06 o Muut team 5 updates o Show details


  • The words “Forums” and “Categories” that represent individual discussion areas have been replaced with “Channels”. This both standardizes the terminology used throughout Muut and better describes their present and future functionality.

  • Unlisted channels are now specified with “unlisted” CSS class name. “non-category” is depreciated.

  • category configuration variable is depreciated. Use channel instead

  • The embed URL taken from the Designer is no longer hardcoded to our “goma” demo forum

  • XSS vulnerability fix. Thanks James Amos!

Muut 1.11.7

release 2014-05-05 o Muut team 4 updates o Show details


  • Updates to Dutch and Brazilian Portugese languages. Thanks Aubrey Hewes and Dan Cortazio!

  • When share option was set to false the select-to-quote no longer happens automatically without cliking on the quote icon

  • Small fix on the HTML syntax highlight

  • Show an error message when attempting to change to a too long password

Muut 1.11.6

release 2014-04-30 o Muut team 4 updates o Show details


1 year of Moot: growth, investment, and rebranding to Muut
blog 2014-04-27 o Muut team o
We launched Moot one year ago, and the welcome has certainly been enthusiastic. Here's what’s happened thus far.

Muut 1.11.5

release 2014-04-25 o Muut team 1 update o Show details


  • Small updates to the client regarding to the service failure

Muut service failure April 23, 2014: post mortem
blog 2014-04-25 o Muut team o
On April 23, 2014, 10:24pm (Finnish time), the Muut service encountered a series of very unfortunate failures — dictionary definition of a perfect storm — that caused all data created after March 27 all the way to April 23 to disappear.

Muut 1.11.4

release 2014-04-18 o Muut team 5 updates o Show details


  • The growl- type notification dialog is not shown on mobile screens since it can disturb the experience if the user is currently writing a post

  • Fixed a few issues on the notification dialog links

  • The “switch to yearly billing” teaser looks better on sidebars with a background color

  • Fixed ‘learn more…’ links from the settings panel

  • The Google Analytics tracking events were changed back to “Moot” instead of “Muut”. Unfortunately the analytics data for the last five days was lost! We are sorry.

Muut 1.11.3

release 2014-04-13 o Muut team 8 updates o Show details


  • Use Muut logo on authentication and password change dialogs

  • Make seed avatar completely clickable, no overlapping hidden parts

  • Better positioning of the teaser element when mouseovering the Muut logo

  • Online flag keeps it’s state after logging in with different usernames

  • Fix profile page loading with usernames containg “:”- character. Only on SSO setups.

  • A shortcut link for forum owners to the account page where forums can switch to yearly billing with 20% lower pricing

  • XSS vulnerability fix

  • Display a warning message for jQuery versions older than 1.7 (not hidden anymore)

Muut 1.11.2

release 2014-04-09 o Muut team 7 updates o Show details


  • 1 year of Moot: growth, investment, and rebranding to Muut

  • The class="moot" is now deprecated, use class="muut" instead

  • References to “[forumname]” are deprecated, use “[forumname]” instead

  • The moot() function is renamed to muut()

  • Changed the language token from “Administrators” to “Moderators” on the settings panel to avoid confusions. Only the user that initially created the forum has access to the billing information on our account page.

  • Improved styling on the change password dialog

  • Norwegian translation. Now Muut is translated to 26 different languages.

Muut 1.11.1

release 2014-04-05 o Muut team 8 updates o Show details


  • Internal Muut links are now opened in new window or tab by default

  • The preview area is now updated after text is quoted

  • If Muut is initially hidden the layout is not set to mobile layout by default

  • The reply input auto- grows more nicely on Firefox

  • If a second administrator is logged in the Add-ons are properly updated

  • The social buttons are now correctly positioned on all embedded layouts from the menu item

  • The menu icon no longer causes the title to abrupt on relatively long titles

  • Muut hashes are now appended to the custom login url on SSO setups

Muut 1.11 – Go Viral!
blog 2014-03-25 o Muut team o
Your forum users now have the ability to take things viral for you: share an entire thread, or select to share a quote on Twitter or Facebook

Muut 1.11.0

release 2014-03-25 o Muut team 16 updates o Show details


  • Sharing, post counts, faster search and more…

  • Twitter and Facebook sharing of threads (from menu) and individual posts (by selecting text).

  • Updated styling on the notification emails to make your custom branding more prominent

  • The video/image gallery view can be closed by clicking on the surrounding semi- transparent mask

  • The ability to edit by re-posting is now enabled for admins too

  • The remove button is now visible for admins after being logged in as non-admin prior login

  • A new API method for comment counts

  • A new demo where “All posts” and “Feed” navigation is moved to the sidebar

  • A new m-no-threads CSS class name is added to the container element when a discussion channel is empty. You can use this to style the UI as you wish. For example, to remove a page title you can do this: .m-no-threads m-pagetitle { display: none; }

  • Admin settings overlay mask will span the whole window also inside relatively positioned wrapper element

  • Submitting empty title and channel no longer disables the submit button permanently

  • The online status is now updated if user is logged out and then logged in as a different user

  • No double load issues under Squarespace when browsing through channels on the sidebar

  • XSS vulnerabilities fixed, thanks to Madhu Akula and Gurjant Sadhra!

  • Tiny CSS positioning fix for the green circle on the “Is writing..” section on a thread

  • Improved search indexing mechanism. More accurate results.

Muut 1.10.0

release 2014-03-13 o Muut team 15 updates o Show details


  • Google+ login, User banning, Quick embedding and more …

  • Links to individual posts

  • More server power

  • Titleless commenting

  • New embedding docs

  • “data-channel” attribute, pageTitle is deprecated

  • “Someone is writing…” is more prominent

  • Reply…” input box is now always visible

  • Fixed thumbnail plugin to handle previews

  • Password reset working on /account page

  • Links to individual posts

  • No need to zoom on hosted form on narrow mobile screens

  • Fixed an issue on search results that caused them to freeze occasionally

  • The placeholder text on threaded commenting is now “Comment…” by default instead of “Start a new topic”

  • New Muut logo looks and placement

Muut 1.10 – Google+ login, banning, quick embedding
blog 2014-03-12 o Muut team o
This Muut update contains some of the most oft-requested features from our users, as well as some that have long been in the pipeline: Google Login, Banning users, Title-less threaded commenting and Quick embedding

Muut 1.9.8

release 2014-03-04 o Muut team 21 updates o Show details


  • New Account page

  • Upgrade without leaving your forum page on[yourforum]

  • Upgrade directly from your embedded forum

  • Improved handling of connection errors: connection now resumes more reliably

  • “Untitled” is now indicated in post preview when the title field is empty

  • Time labels for posts use weeks only after 30 days, instead of 7 days

  • Show green Online indicator on your own avatar after login

  • Fine-tuned the look of your account panel

  • Fixed “Load more replies”- action on user profile pages, it was broken on some cases

  • Designer: thumbnails are always loaded in Themes

  • Designer: Adjusting width no longer generates a dark background (#444) on narrow layouts

  • Fixed “Admin” badge missing from Finnish translation

  • Improved Spanish translation

  • Show a confirmation dialog when admin tries to remove her/his own post

  • “Show likes” by clicking on the heart icon now works on collapsed topics as well

  • “Remove” button is completely hidden on collapsed topics (previously just invisible)

  • Use : instead of # to append topic to path in permalinks, e.g. #!/path/to:topic instead of #!/path/to#topic

  • If admin logs out while managing channels, the UI resumes to the previous state upon login

  • Fixed “Show more replies” loading duplicate posts in search results when the button is at the end of the topic

  • Prevented duplicate posts due to repetitive clicks on the submit button when the post contains image uploads

  • Title-less commenting preview on our blog post

Muut 1.9.7

release 2014-02-14 o Muut team 8 updates o Show details


  • Goodbye reloads: Muut no longer reloads after login or reply, periods of inactivity, etc. resulting in more robust connections, significantly fewer lost posts

  • Italian translation (now 25 in total)

  • Facebook login button is now in both login and join tabs

  • “Load more replies” button layout now allows 10000+ posts

  • No “+”- sign on load more posts/replies icons

  • Setup now opens the setup in a new window when launced from the bottom/left logo

  • Image thumb plugin now works in the jQuery no-conflict mode

  • Quote- icon now only displayed when body or title text is selected

Muut 1.9.6

release 2014-02-03 o Muut team 10 updates o Show details


  • The gallery images are always fit on the screen

  • Default button design is now flat. A subtle gradient is displayed on mouseover

  • Muut now loads with Ghostery extension on Firefox

  • Remove action is now shown for admin even after they have liked a post

  • A new logo on bottom/right corner.

  • The remove confirmation dialogue is now correctly positioned when Muut is placed inside an iframe

  • Error warning now appears on consecutive tries (and not just the first time) when uploading a too large file or a file in a wrong format

  • There is now a 50 reply maximum per click for revealing more posts in long threads

  • There is now more whitespace before “like” and “less…” action links on IE8

  • Forum dropdown is now always positioned within view on mobile too

Muut 1.9.5

release 2014-01-30 o Muut team 5 updates o Show details


  • Display a warning message when a non-image file is uploaded. Some browsers such as IE10 don’t support the accept attribute on file upload fields.

  • Better gallery positioning when Muut is installed inside iframe

  • Prevented some of the tooltips from being cropped

  • No italic formatting when file name contains an underscore character

  • Minor thing: simplified CSS rules for .m-follow tooltip

Muut 1.9.4

release 2014-01-29 o Muut team 4 updates o Show details


  • Text inputs now grow infinitely instead of having a maximum height. No longer (ugly) scrollbars on non-iOS browsers.

  • Switched from cookies to localStorage. Now sessions works on IE even when Muut is embedded on iframe and on a different domain

  • Fixed an ability to select the whole text on the title field

  • The duplicate check is now done for every topic on a page instead of just the last topic

Muut 1.9.3

release 2014-01-28 o Muut team 11 updates o Show details


  • No possibility to submit the same post twice

  • Increased the reliability of the client/server connection

  • After the client reloads when connection comes back the first input field is no longer focused

  • After updating the display name the button is hidden and all names on the UI are immediately updated

  • Prevented scrollbars from appearing on the reply box on all scenarios

  • Adjusted word crop to fit the latest UI changes (really long words won’t break the UI)

  • The client clock is in sync with the server clock preventing any issues on the timestamps

  • Update to the Chinese localization

  • The authentication window no longer loads Open Sans font from Google making the popup load faster on Chine (Google is blocked there).

  • Facebook login is opened on a new window on the setup page

  • Updated to jQuery 1.11.0 on the website and demos.

Muut 1.9.2

release 2014-01-16 o Muut team 12 updates o Show details


  • Title-less threaded commenting by setting show_title: false on the configuration. With this setting the title field is no longer present and forces every topic to be always expanded and there is always a single input field for creating new topics, similar to the reply field.

  • Image labels are now shown below the large gallery image

  • The body field can now have focus even when the title field is empty

  • Display error message when empty title is provided

  • “Collapse all” link is now displayed even with just one expanded topic

  • “Someone is typing…” notification no longer causes the UI to jump

  • Added missing language tokens

  • Designer

  • Ability to toggle “boxed topics” setting without loosing the background colors

  • Fixed dimensions for the custom color picker

  • Tested the Wordpress plugin against WP version 3.8

  • Writing modular applications with Riot.js

Muut 1.9.1

release 2013-12-31 o Muut team 3 updates o Show details


  • A new embedUrl configuration variable to provide the linkback URL for the indexed SEO content

  • Fixed a bug on the settings dialog that prevented the values to be saved on certain situations

  • No more lost character when a long title is cut off

Muut Developer
blog 2013-12-19 o Muut team o
Muut 1.9 – Developer Upgrade: Private forums, custom S3 buckets

Muut 1.9.0

release 2013-12-19 o Muut team 23 updates o Show details


  • Muut Developer subscription

  • A significant upgrade to paid subscriptions. Single Sign-On is now called “Developer” and features private discussions, custom S3 bucket and single sign-on. Branding is now called “Designer” to more reflect the nature of the product.

  • The sso configuration variable is deprecated, please use api instead

  • The client / server communication is now gzipped. Client initialization requests shrank by 66% essentially making the client yet smaller.

  • jQuery is no longer loaded from Google servers and we use (NetDNA) for CDN. Google CDN is not working on China.

  • Muut can now be loaded and unloaded dynamically on a page allowing multiple commenting and forum instances so that one instance is loaded at the time. Here is a demo

  • Demos for private forum, private commenting and single sign on.

  • Ability to disable automatic spam detection from forum settings

  • When you submit a post without a selected channel it displays the channel selector automatically. Now after you have selected a channel a post is automatically submitted.

  • Quoting now works on threaded commenting. It was broken on 1.8.0 and 1.8.1

  • Login prompt is now displayed for anonymous users on Single Sign-On /flat commenting setups

  • Double hyphens -- are no longer transformed to “m-dashes” () in links

  • Settings overlay is now absolutely positioned so that it can be scrolled on smaller screens

  • The login_url configuration property with SSO now displays the main login prompt on top/right corner of a forum

  • Logging in no longer displays a console error with threaded commenting

  • Followup posts from the same user are now properly displayed without overlapping

  • No tailing spaces allowed at the end of the username upon sign up

  • List of users that liked a post on a commenting thread have a proper margin.

  • Full URLs are now allowed on a link label

  • Removed the bottom white section on hosted forums with custom background color

  • The like icon has the right colors on collapsed state

  • View title no longer forced visible after navigating away from the search results

  • Persian (Farsi) RTL language version

Muut 1.8.1

release 2013-12-03 o Muut team 8 updates o Show details


  • The link texts are now shown on the gallery view

  • Improve commenting layout on mobile clients

  • Consistent margins on the “liked users”- tooltip

  • Avoid unnecessary

  • Allow uploading of the same file more than once

  • The designer is hidden during the setup process

  • Ukrainian translation

  • New language tokens for maximum image size and the “Yes” word on confirmation popup.

Muut Designer
blog 2013-11-26 o Muut team o
Change typography and sizing in seconds without CSS skills!

Muut 1.8.0

release 2013-11-26 o Muut team 9 updates o Show details


  • Muut designer

  • Facebook login dialog closes automatically on iOS

  • The “more replies” button now works with over 1000 replies (yes, some forums have these!)

  • New Chinese translation file with a new file suffix zh.js. The older file suffix ch is reserved for Switzerland.

  • Image upload file input is now hidden with Bootstrap.css

  • Forward anonymous users automatically to login page on Wordpress Single Sign-On configurations

  • Fixed undefined timestamps from Finnish and Hungarian localizations

  • Hide profile image URL on window’s status bar on threaded commenting

  • Restyled the “Test forum” link on our forums to separate it from channels

Muut 1.7.11

release 2013-11-18 o Muut team 11 updates o Show details


  • An error message is displayed when the uploaded image is too large (4Mb)

  • Ability to paste content to a new post. The title and body are automatically split correctly

  • The growl notification is now less prominent, which was a trouble on a more active forum. When you hit “x” the growl will be always minified (icon only) until you click the icon and when a new post appears the icon makes a subtle animation. Hitting “x” will clear the entries and hide growl completely.

  • Collapsed post titles are now bolded by default so they are not confused with replies

  • Search results title now looks nicer with a suggested term or with a spelling correction

  • Code blocks can now be wrapped inside Markdown compatible backticks

  • URLs are no longer formatted inside `inline code`

  • “Show full post…” action is now more prominent (blue background color)

  • Larger input for administrators on the settings overlay

  • Very large gallery images are now shown completely

  • Polish, Turkish and Swedish language updates

Muut 1.7.10

release 2013-11-12 o Muut team 13 updates o Show details


  • Big set of improvements to IE8. Tested with real IE8 instead of using the “document mode”.

  • Icons are now working reliably on IE8. We moved back to fontsquirrel for EOT conversion.

  • Fixed an issue that caused replying with IE8 fail on certain situations

  • No typing errors while typing on IE8 (only seen on developer console)

  • Fixed infinite loading of the Google Analytics script when used together with Chrome Disconnect extension

  • The start time parameter #t=30 is now supported on YouTube video links. Now both &- and #- syntaxes are supported

  • Smoothened the animation for the topics that appear through the real-time channel

  • “Embed on your site”- link now present only in one spot on the hosted forum sidebar

  • Fixed bottom margin on the last reply of the loaded replies

  • Fixed the message when there are no search results

  • Smileys are no longer italicized on the “growl” notification dialog

  • No more redundant horizontal scrollbar on the hosted forum with Firefox

  • Added missing language tokens for show, hide, and invisible.

Muut 1.7.9

release 2013-11-05 o Muut team 11 updates o Show details


  • A new blog entry about our client-side development with Riot.js

  • The text inside backtick characters (`) is no longer formatted

  • When a post is submitted it’s initially grayed before it’s succesfully saved. The effect is now more subtle than before.

  • The start time parameter &t=30 is now supported on YouTube video links

  • A scrollbar now appears to textarea after it grows large enough

  • When you edit a post or paste text to the textarea it adjusts it’s height accordingly

  • Added a missing pageTitle

  • Swedish, Polish, French and Spanish language updates

  • Fixed a minor syntax highlight issue on JavaScript comments.

  • Green circle animation is no longer ill-positioned on “Someone is writing a message…”

  • The ETA is now properly aligned on Firefox on this page

Riot.js — The 1kb client-side MVP library
blog 2013-11-01 o Tero Piirainen o
An incredibly fast, powerful yet tiny client side library for building large scale web applications.

Muut 1.7.8

release 2013-10-27 o Muut team 9 updates o Show details


  • An early peek of our upcoming Designer. The official release is scheduled for November.

  • Better rendering of flat comments under the forum

  • Shielding against a couple of XSS issues

  • Fixed an issue on image uploads with special characters on file names

  • The image URLs were shown unformatted on the notification popup

  • Smileys are no longer rendered in italics

  • No monospaced on reply input on Firefox

  • Improved the layout of the list of people who liked a post

  • We’re currently in Startup Alley @ TechCrunch Disrupt EU. Please vote for us to present on stage and help us to grow Muut!

Muut 1.7.7

release 2013-10-21 o Muut team 11 updates o Show details


  • Much better support for dark background colors.

  • There is no separate CSS file for the dark backgrounds and you enable the support with CSS classes instead. Read the updated documentation about the subject.

  • Muut now takes the full 100% width of the container element and the nested elements have a maximum width 980px. This allows you to make full width headers like we have on our forums.

  • Header elements are vertically centered using CSS display: table

  • Custom channels with single sign on now work

  • Fixed a XSS vulnerability issue on custom labeled links

  • Fixed a JavaScript error lang is not defined that was thrown on really slow internet connections

  • Removed an ugly drop shadow from the Muut logo on bottom/right and made the link open on the topmost frame

  • Fixed a corner case issue on Safari that wasn’t loading if there is an IMG tag with id="title" on the page

  • A french language update

  • This update includes a big amount of CSS modifications, especially how topics are intended. So if you have custom styling for margins or paddings make sure you review your CSS code.

Muut 1.7.5

release 2013-10-01 o Muut team 7 updates o Show details


  • Ability to upload multiple images on iOS

  • The sidebar now goes from top to bottom and looks good with a background color

  • The likes tooltip is now fully visible on flat commenting and small screens

  • Administrators are now validated when settings are submitted and not when texarea leaves focus making the submit button work more reliably.

  • Nicer rendering of long channel names

  • Channel renaming is no longer broken right after setup

  • Fixed one XSS vulnerability issue

Muut 1.7.6

release 2013-10-01 o Muut team 13 updates o Show details


  • A new login_url property for Federated identity users which will render login prompts that point to your login page.

  • The sidebar is reverted back to a smaller height. We didn’t like the gray line going from top to bottom.

  • A md-full-sidebar CSS “modifier class” that can be added to the container to enable full height sidebar.

  • A md-full-header modifier class to make the header span full width of the container. Full header is in use on our own forum. These modifier classes are part of the preparation work for the upcoming designer and will be property documented upon it’s release.

  • Added “collapse all” link to threaded commenting

  • The login dialog is now centered on the window on all scenarios. It used to work only on maximized browser windows.

  • The various elements on the header are now precisely positioned on different screen sizes

  • No vendor prefixes for box-shadow or border-radius causing a 3kb size reduction on moot.css file

  • The settings panel can now be closed by clicking outside the panel or by pressing the esc- key

  • Wide syntax sections are now wrapped so that longer lines will span multiple lines instead of rendering a scroll bar. Have a look at the word “anonymous” on this screenshot to get an idea.

  • The deprecated label property to change the input prompt is no longer supported. Instead, place <script>moot.language.start = "What's up??";right after where themoot.min.js` file has been included.

  • Empty bodies on a new post are now valid. This was a failed experiment from our side on versions 1.7.4 and 1.7.5. Posts with just a title line are perfectly good.

  • The Google Analytics extension now uses _createTracker() method instead of the depreceated _getTracker() method to be more future proof.

Muut 1.7.4

release 2013-09-26 o Muut team 14 updates o Show details


  • The help dialog now opens upwards on the reply input.

  • The body of the topic is now required. You’ll be informed if the body is empty.

  • Syntax highlight now is now aware of the search matches

  • Search bar autogrows to full width on mobile screens.

  • Client no longer uses @media queries for responsive layout. The layout is determined from the container width and not from the screen width. Now the client will switch to tablet or mobile layout on a better spot.

  • Flat- or single commenting no longer has an arbitrary CSS max-width setting. The width is now determined by the outer container element. Warning This may cause your layout to break so make sure you set max-width or width for the wrapper element.

  • The main image on the gallery view is now shown in it’s maximum width on mobile screens

  • 3-5x faster client-side templating by hacking the “Resig templating”. Expect to hear more about this on an upcoming blog entry.

  • 8) is no longer rendered as smiley when it’s on the beginning of the line.

  • Fixed the positioning of “someone is typing” message on flat commenting when the reply input has a focus

  • Muut now works inside a form element. However this is not recommended and not actively tested.

  • The reply box is now completely hidden for anonymous users on SSO setups

  • The overlay positioning of the online users is improved on mobile

  • Improved posting for anonymous users for a collapsed topic. The topic can be collapsed because the UI is re-rendered after the login.

Frameworkless JavaScript
blog 2013-09-17 o Tero Piirainen o
Why Angular, Ember, or Backbone don't work for us

Muut 1.7.3

release 2013-09-17 o Muut team 6 updates o Show details


  • A new blog entry about Frameworkless JavaScript

  • The gallery view starts with a thread title

  • No flickering of images on the gallery view

  • Admin badge and display name are now shown on the preview box

  • Added clarification for bolding on the help dialog – we only allow bolding of single words

  • Fixed to allow multiple quotes on a reply

Muut 1.7.2

release 2013-09-15 o Muut team 4 updates o Show details


  • Russian language update: demo, diff

  • No mouseover effect on the title on the preview area

  • Unverified can remove/edit their own, newly created posts

  • Fixed the ability to create new posts on threaded commenting on some setups

Muut 1.7.1

release 2013-09-13 o Muut team 6 updates o Show details


  • A new upload configuration option to enable / disable image uploading. Uploads are enabled by default.

  • When title exceeds the max length (= 30 * 2.71) the focus goes automatically to the body field

  • Fixed the width of the gallery view on long pages and on iPhone

  • Fixed our RSS feed

  • Fixed the “Total Events” view on the analytics dashboard and removed load events from the pie chart to make it more interesting.

  • Install Muut Analytics v1.0.1

Muut 1.7.0

release 2013-09-12 o Muut team 6 new features, 19 improvements, 11 fixes o Show details


  • The blog entry

  • Muut Analytics for viewing detailed statistics about posts, likes, users and topics. It’s based on Google Analytics.

  • Native image uploads to new posts and replies

  • Separate fields for title and body fields for improving the title quality

  • Ability to load both old and new replies on topics with more than 27 replies

  • A small “Admin” badge for forum administrators


  • Better “growl” notification popup:

  • Automatic minification after a few seconds and a minify icon

  • No growl notifications will appear from active moot

  • Links and URLs are shortened

  • Growl scrollbars are no longer overlapping the close button

  • Better gallery view for images

  • The view can be scrolled. Better with bigger images and smaller screens

  • The thumbnails preserve aspect ratio

  • More room for the main image

  • New, better animation when a new post is created

  • Ability to write [relative](/links)

  • Local links no longer display a redundant “home” icon

  • Topics can be opened with cmd/ctrl- click from the triangle link

  • Improved positioning and sizing on the black tooltips

  • Dropbox image gallery links display a dropbox icon

  • data-show_online=false attribute on the container tag will hide the online user list

  • Removed “watch for new replies” option below the textarea to reduce clutter. They eye icon does the job perfectly

  • The editing area no longer zooms on iPhone when creating a new post

  • Facebook profile images no longer distorted (only for new registrations) since before you’d just size them to be square now they will actually be square images run through the same transformation filter we use for uploaded images


  • The “Change paswword” dialog now has custom branding

  • The login dialog is now opened for anonymous users when they hit CTRL+Enter when posting

  • A smiley followed by a link now works

  • No typing messages under forum is someone is writing to a commenting thread elsewhere on the site

  • The new real-time posts are marked with red for anonymous users too

  • The facebook join dialog now hints users to use dashes, numbers and letters only when the input validation fails. The dialog has also improved looks.

  • No more broken avatar images on single sign on if the avatar was not provided

  • Fixed the color input layout on Settings > Branding tab on Safari

  • All h2 and h3 tags on the client are now replaced with div class="m-h2/3" respectively to avoid CSS clashes with the hosting site

  • A custom logo no longer crops on a hosted forum under

  • Updates page (= this page) now works on smaller screens

Muut 1.7 — Analytics, image uploads and better titles
blog 2013-09-12 o Muut team o
Latest version of Muut brings Google Analytics, image upload, separate input for title, and the ability to load earliest replies in a topic
Crisp Thinking + Muut
blog 2013-09-04 o Muut team o
Today we are announcing our partnership with Crisp Thinking. The upcoming upgrade of Muut will go far beyond spam filtering by utilizing intelligent auto-moderation and user profiling.

Muut 1.6.2

release 2013-08-27 o Muut team 10 updates o Show details


  • The “growl” notification popup now completely hides after clicking on the close button

  • For better text truncation the titles on the growl popup are now longer

  • Fixed grayscale filter to work on favicons on Firefox

  • The administrator functions now work on jQuery noConflict() mode

  • A wide logo on branding package logo no longer stretches on hosted forum.

  • The subscribed items can now be clicked to open the corresponding settings

  • Less white space on flat commenting and followup posts

  • Fixed a double preview and double post issue after a new forum is created and a new post is created

  • Added a “follow us on Twitter” link to the bottom area of our pages

  • A new blog post about our real time infrastructure.

That Wibbly Wobbly Real-Timey Wimey stuff
blog 2013-08-26 o Courtney Couch o
The realtime magic behind Muut and how we deliver all your instant notifications.

Muut 1.6.1

release 2013-08-23 o Muut team 7 updates o Show details


  • External links on a post are coupled with a favicon. View example. These icons are displayed in grayscale and colored on mouseover. They are retina compatible and loaded through content delivery network.

  • “Someone is writing…” notification to the window title (tab). You can now see when someone is writing even when you are on a different browser tab.

  • Completely disabled the ability to use Muut login in SSO setups. It’s no longer solely behind CSS display: none.

  • Added tracking on which browsers are not supported by Muut. We can possibly bring more supported browsers into the table.

  • Fixed short labeling on external links to Google searches. Their URL format was changed.

  • Added an ability to load blog comments inside forum on the Wordpress plugin

  • A new 404 error page on our website.

Muut 1.6.0

release 2013-08-22 o Muut team 10 updates o Show details


  • “Someone is writing…”

  • The forum and users overlays are nicer on mobile. These overlays are now be closed when the corresponding navi- elements are re-clicked. Only the click event closes and no longer with drag.

  • Email notification links now scroll to the last post when there are no unread posts.

  • The “log in” link is no longer too lightly grayed on mobile screens.

  • Likes tooltip is now working on a flat commenting entry inside forum. Example.

  • The “Loading…” text before the application loads no longer crops on mobile screens and is coupled with a small Muut icon.

  • The unread marker- and online counter dots are slightly smaller and in better position

  • The path can now be provided in mixed case letters

  • Turkish language update.

  • Read the blog entry about this release.

Muut 1.6 — "Someone is writing..."
blog 2013-08-22 o Muut team o
As of version 1.6 the world's most realtime online discussion platform is now even more realtime
Muut for Wordpress
blog 2013-08-14 o Muut team o
We are proud to announce the official Wordpress plugin.

Muut 1.5.10

release 2013-08-13 o Muut team 10 updates o Show details


  • Administrator functions and subscriptions are now grouped and shown on the UI. These are only visible for admins.

  • The post truncate limit before the “show more” button appears is now doubled to 1087 characters. This is 2.718 * 400 characters, wehere 2.718 is the Euler’s constant). This number is being used all around Muut code.

  • Muut now works better on really small screens. Here is a 250px wide screenshot from our forums. The search box grows automatically when in focus. Try yourself by resizing your browser.

  • User’s full name is shown on a custom tooltip when the user is mouseovered on the online user list.

  • Fixed email notification links to automatically scroll to first unread reply.

  • A fade-effect progress indicator is shown when channels are saved.

  • Back button now works for links that are escaped.

  • Fixed a bug with two successive custom labeled links on a post.

  • Some rare IE 10 and Chrome versions now work more reliably.

  • Stability improvements on the server side.

Muut 1.5.9

release 2013-08-10 o Muut team 8 updates o Show details


  • The WordPress plugin with Documentation and a Github repository

  • Drastically improved setup: easier overall experience and works nicely on smaller screens

  • Single Sign-On users now have the ability to hide online status and unwatch all notifications

  • Single apostrophes are not prettificated unless they wrap a separate word

  • The small logo on bottom/right has a fixed position only if Muut is installed above the initial viewing area (fold)

  • Settings panel for administrators uses the custom brand name on the title

  • A new “back button” to the parent channel when a single topic is opened on a separate page

  • An update to the French language version.

Muut 1.5.8

release 2013-08-02 o Muut team 4 updates o Show details


  • Added a “Please don’t reply this email directly”

  • The client can now recover unsubmitted posts when a special “invalid_channel” error occurs

  • Added a far future expiry header for CSS, JS and font files to fully utilize client-side caching

  • Fixed a bug on some very long links so that they are are shortened properly without breaking the layout

Muut 1.5.7

release 2013-08-01 o Muut team 6 updates o Show details


  • The online user list can be shown on threaded commenting with a new show_online configuration option as shown on our issues page

  • Dropbox image links are now opened in an overlay

  • short video URLs are now displayed on the overlay

  • Bunch of server side stability fixes to handle the constantly increasing load

  • CTRL+Tab keyboard shortcut no longer causes 3 spaces on the input field on Firefox

  • The monospaced help item background color does not span the whole line

Muut 1.5.6

release 2013-07-28 o Muut team 9 updates o Show details


  • Added custom branding on the “forgot password” overlay

  • “Full view” tooltip on the single moot’s permalink

  • Muut’s permalink on the URL is taken directly from the title

  • Fixed permalink and back button on threaded commenting

  • Vimeo channels and channels are opened on a new page instead of a video overlay

  • Italics and bolding are completely disabled from title, not only from the preview

  • Disabled profile links on threaded commenting

  • Removed mouseover and pointer cursor from title on single thread view

  • An internal modularization for binary uploads

Muut 1.5.5

release 2013-07-22 o Muut team 3 updates o Show details


  • Portuguese translation

  • Bold and italics helps are again bolded and italicized in help dialog

  • Fixed adding of new channels

Muut 1.5.4

release 2013-07-22 o Muut team 5 updates o Show details


  • Smoother expand animation. The like action no longer jumps after the animation finishes.

  • Labeling links that are longer than 81 characters now work

  • The prominent UI no longer uses header tags (h1, h2, h3) but DIV’s with class names instead. This causes less trouble with existing CSS since header tags are typically heavily custom styled.

  • A new entry on the help dialog for labeling links

  • The image/video gallery view can be closed by clicking anywhere outside the images

Muut 1.5.3

release 2013-07-17 o Muut team 13 updates o Show details


  • Links can be labeled with markdown syntax: [label](url). This works for overlayed videos and images too.

  • The official wordpress plugin. This is still beta. The official release is next month.

  • Custom logo and background color is now visible on the hosted forum too under

  • Ability to customize the senders name on the notification emails with the new Brand name field. This is only possible if your forum is subscribed to Designer.

  • Single Sign-On examples in python, php and ruby in addition to node.js.

  • New “octocat” icon for Github links. The “g” was too similar with Google.

  • Posting and liking is disabled with anonymous single sign-on (SSO) user.

  • Login dialog now fixed on Internet Explorer 8 and 9

  • Tall avatars (height bigger than width) are now forced to be smaller. Proportions are kept.

  • “Watch for new replies” option is hidden from unverified users

  • Bolding, italic and inline code is no longer allowed on title. Smart quotes, hyphens, etc. still work.

  • Administrators field can now be erased on the settings panel

  • The username cannot be quoted

Muut 1.5.2

release 2013-07-04 o Muut team 3 updates o Show details


  • The session stays on all browsers browsers even if the browser is closed

  • Fixed the style on change password dialog

  • The bottom hanging letters are no longer cropped on a thread title

Muut 1.5.1

release 2013-06-28 o Muut team 6 updates o Show details


  • Swedish translation. The total number of different languages is now 21.

  • The “change” button is now always shown on the account dialog when the value is changed. When the value is not valid the button is greyed instead of hidden.

  • A thread title can be formatted with italics and monospaced. Bolding is not supported since title is already bolded by default.

  • The “settings” and “edit” links now work after the user logs out and logs in

  • The title on the preview box has the same line-height as on the final post

  • The muut logo on the bottom right has a white background shadow so that it’s more prominent on dark backgrounds.

Muut 1.5.0

release 2013-06-27 o Muut team 9 updates o Show details


  • Single Sign-On (Later renamed to “Developer”)

  • Branding (Later renamed to “Designer”)

  • Smaller Muut logo on the bottom right

  • Channel selector further away from submit button

  • Droplr images are shown directly on the overlay

  • When quote icon is mouseovered the reply box stays visible

  • When help dialog is opened the mouse movement cannot hide it

  • Updates to Japanese translation

  • Read the blog entry about this release.

Muut 1.5 – Branding and Single Sign-On (SSO)
blog 2013-06-27 o Muut team o
Today we are proud to announce two major new features to Muut, available as paid upgrades: Branding and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Muut 1.4.2

release 2013-06-17 o Muut team 4 updates o Show details


  • Quoting works for single paragraphs only

  • When clicking a quote the original quote stays highlighted for 1.35 seconds

  • The “Post” button no longer overlaps the preview area on iPhone

  • Updates to Russian, Taiwanese, French, Arabian, Indonesian, Hungarian, Dutch, Bulgarian and Brazilian languages. Thank you all the translators!!

Muut 1.4.1

release 2013-06-13 o Muut team 3 updates o Show details


  • Added top margin for images and videos on the overlay

  • Fixed a double logo and posting issue on the password forgot dialog

  • Fixed a posting issue on threaded commenting with formatted body text

Muut 1.4 – Focus on text
blog 2013-06-11 o Muut team o
Our mission with Muut is to bring the real conversation back to the forefront. Muut 1.4 introduces a host of typographic enhancements and hand-picked formatting options to better convey your thoughts through your words.

Muut 1.4.0

release 2013-06-08 o Muut team 28 updates o Show details


  • Quotation support

  • Bolding, italic, and inline code support.

  • Youtube and Vimeo video overlays

  • Setting Google Analytics tracking for SEO pages

  • Ability to define multiple administrators

  • Email notification links automatically scroll to first unread post

  • All red unread markers are gone after navigating away from the All posts view

  • Allow mixed case letters on username

  • Clearer (and whiter) help dialog

  • Custom tooltips for common actions on desktop browsers

  • channel selection is now a mandatory option for any new post

  • Timestamp link (for example “2w”) displays the full time with browser’s native tooltip. Example value: Thu May 30 2013 06:06:11 GMT+0300 (EEST)

  • Translators can now see their edits on the authentication dialogs too on the language test page

  • Ability to navigate entries with keyboard on the channel select box

  • The design of the entries on the channel dropdown is similar to the main channels

  • Timestamp link (for example “2w”) on the seed post now works

  • Timestamp on the replies has a default cursor instead of a pointer cursor, which invites to click and there is nothing to click

  • If a websocket connection fails uncleanly the client creates a new connection and performs the missed calls

  • The whole avatar is now clickable on Windows/Firefox to open the file upload dialog

  • Browser reload no longer displays a “reconnect” text

  • Edit, remove and watch buttons are now more reliable on mobile browsers

  • When a post is removed the corresponding entry is removed from the notification box from other users

  • Preivew window no longer ignores the tab key which indents text with three spaces

  • Textarea line height matches the line height of the rendered posts

  • Collapse all link is no longer clickable when it’s hidden

  • Local links are pretty printed even with protocol mismatch (http or https)

  • No more double rendering of the same moots

  • A separate blog entry about this release.

Muut 1.3 – Subchannels & Sticky Posts
blog 2013-05-28 o Muut team o
Muut 1.3 is a third major update with subchannels, sticky posts, vastly improved documentation, 4 new languages and custom domain for search engines.

Muut 1.3.0

release 2013-05-28 o Muut team 16 updates o Show details


  • Vastly improved documentation

  • Ability to serve the indexed content from your own domain for search engines

  • Customized navigation for subchannels, sticky posts, banners etc

  • Branded links

  • Commenting and threaded commenting is now supported under[your_forumname]. Check out the new Getting started section for more information.

  • Russian, Bulgarian, Korean and Polish languages.

  • URLs can now be placed inside “quotes” or (brackets) and they will work

  • When confirming a new email address as an anonymous user the client will no longer open a new login window since some browsers will block new windows. A button to open a login window is shown instead.

  • No more negative times on the remove tooltip

  • Red color is now consistently used for all unread stuff: channels are no longer bolded and a small red dot is shown instead and all unread posts are marked with a small red dot.

  • Brazilian Portuguese demo now works

  • label configuration property is now deprecated. Use moot.language object instead.

  • The preview area is now fully visible on smaller screens

  • The email address field is now updated when a new address is confirmed via email link

  • Bigger font size on screens smaller than 350px, these are typically mobile phones on portrait mode

  • A separate blog entry about this release.

Muut 1.2.4

release 2013-05-20 o Muut team 13 updates o Show details


  • “Edit” tooltip is now renamed to “Remove” and there is a counter from 2.7 minutes to zero before the button disappears

  • Links to without a search term no longer break the rendering

  • No more console errors with anonymous enter and leave events

  • “Log in” link no longer drops on its own row at narrower screen widths. Issue

  • Accented characters and other special characters are now allowed for display names. Issue

  • Internal forum links can now be copy-pasted from the browser’s context menu. Issue

  • The password prompt dialog after “forgot password” email closes automatically after submission

  • The display name no longer overlaps the avatar on the notification dialog in Safari

  • Facebook login now works on Android

  • The channel menu now opens when hitting “submit” for a new post with no channel selected.

  • When a post is removed the title line is no longer joined with the body text on the pre-filled text

  • The container link text (for SEO) is hidden when the app is loading and only a centered “Loading…” text is shown

  • The “Reloading…” text is back and localized.

Muut 1.2.3

release 2013-05-14 o Muut team 7 updates o Show details


  • Dutch language version

  • When posting the first channel is selected by default if nothing is chosen

  • Ability to hide the online status from account popup. Language versions for this feature are coming later

  • “Be the first to comment” changes to “Comment..” after a post from the channel

  • “Like this post” renamed to “Like” on commenting replies

  • “Offensive or spam” no longer visible on personal posts after 2.7 minutes

  • A custom icon for linked Flickr images, Facebook accounts, internal Muut links or Twitter accounts

Muut 1.2.2

release 2013-05-08 o Muut team 5 updates o Show details


  • A new “Edit” action to edit post 2.7 minutes after a post is submitted

  • Both “Offensive or spam” and “Remove this post” actions fire a yes/no dialog

  • All parts of a collapsed thread will expand it when clicked

  • Authentication dialogs are now loaded from, which has a signed SSL certificate

  • Image file names are truncated to 27 characters

Muut 1.2.1

release 2013-05-07 o Muut team 5 updates o Show details


  • All authentication dialogs that prompt for the password are now opened in a new window. This is a bit clunkier, but more secure.

  • The host part of the configuration URL is customizable so the indexed content can be served from a custom subdomain. We’ll give you the details on how to do it later this week.

  • The embed code now refers to the major version number of moot.min.js and moot.css so that new installations are part of the automatic update cycle.

  • Administrator cannot remove all channels from the forum and one channel must always be present.

  • Watching new thread upon submission now works.

Muut 1.2.0

release 2013-05-06 o Muut team 17 updates o Show details


  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Language support with 14 different languages

  • Right to left support (RTL)

  • Ability to watch for new replies when submitting the post

  • Doubled the size of the post before it is collapsed

  • Image overlaying is now part of core

  • Better mobile layout; wider posts and easier to hit action buttons

  • A single thread can be opened to a different browser tab from the gray arrow

  • Like button no longer hidden when logged out (forums only)

  • Posting now works on a page where title tag is not present

  • brought back jQuery 1.9 because the jquery 2.0 conditional comment trick does not work on all browsers

  • A separate blog entry about this release.

  • Fixed expand/collapse link on the preview area

  • Less visual jumping after expanding a moot

  • Progress indicator (opacity) when loading likers or watching/unwatching a moot

  • Improved positioning of likers on smaller screens

  • Better closing of tooltips on touch devices

Muut 1.2 – SEO, Language versions
blog 2013-05-06 o Muut team o
2nd major update with SEO, 14 languages, RTL support, smart image linking and improvements on mobile UI.
You spent 3.5 years on this??
blog 2013-04-26 o Muut team o
When we started working on a modern forums and commenting platform in 2009, we certainly didn't envision launching it in April 2013.

Muut 1.1.4

release 2013-04-26 o Muut team 9 updates o Show details


  • Fixed sizing issues on mobile browsers, much better experience now

  • Muut switches to narrow layout at 768px (= iPad width), seems a good fit for Muut

  • You can search forums by typing and then [space] on browser’s location bar

  • Dates and times are shown in shorter format: 12m, 5h, 8d etc..

  • Moving away from search results view clears the search box

  • Editing a posts preserves formatting

  • Upgraded to jQuery 2.0 on our website

  • IE now works when Muut is configured with a https URL

  • A new blog entry about the 3.5 years before the release.

Muut 1.1.3

release 2013-04-23 o Muut team 3 updates o Show details


  • Fixed the password reset dialog after hitting the link on email

  • Allow submitting of posts with only non-word characters

  • The website ( now uses https protocol on every page

Muut 1.1.2

release 2013-04-22 o Muut team 6 updates o Show details


  • When posting a message to a closed WebSocket connection the client now reloads itself before the post is sent to the server. We got some feedback about posts disappearing and we believe this should fix the issue.

  • The image plugin is now versioned and available from our CDN: CSS file and JS file

  • skins are now hosted on our CDN: Klin, Klin dark, Fullhead and Fullhead dark

  • Fixed threaded commenting to work under file:// protocol, this was another catch from our extended logging

  • Forum, user and login tooltips are now positioned correctly on narrow layout

  • Confirmed that Muut works with jquery 2.0

Muut 1.1.1

release 2013-04-19 o Muut team 5 updates o Show details


  • Fixed a few causes of errors when posting a new reply. We are constantly following for new errors with extended logs if these still occur.

  • Fixed an image on the error screen for browsers that don’t support Muut (IE6/7 mostly)

  • Fixed the password input after clicking the password recovery link

  • English language is now part of the client. This is preparation work for upcoming set of different languages

  • When selecting a channel on “All posts” view and then posting on a channel that was selected on the sidebar the post is now correctly saved to the channel on the sidebar.

Muut 1.1 – Mail notifications and image embedding
blog 2013-04-16 o Muut team o
Muut 1.1 is the first major Muut update. Just 2 weeks after the launch this release marks the first in a series of big updates that are about to come.

Muut 1.1.0

release 2013-04-16 o Muut team 14 updates o Show details


  • Email notifications

  • Image embedding plugin. See demo. Documented on source code.

  • Internal Muut links use a more effective API method instead of location.href

  • When admin removes a post the user’s admin remove

  • Fixed an uncaught type error: “Cannot call method ‘mootboost’ of undefined”

  • Internal CSS line-height setting for avoiding issues with external CSS line-height

  • Fixed issues on URLs to a specific thread

  • When accessing a page with a thread specific URL the user is smooth scrolled to the commenting section

  • Allow permalinking to a specific thread on threaded commenting

  • Fixed a CSS cropping issue on trhead titles

  • Show information for unverified accounts and an ability to resend the confirmation code

  • Brought back “like this post” and action and account panel for flat commenting

  • Upcoming features are now listed on our updates page

  • A separate blog entry about this release.

8 Days. 8000 forums.
blog 2013-04-12 o Muut team o
Muut launched 8 days ago and has received an overwhelmingly positive response. While we believed we had something good in our hands, the reaction far surpassed our wildest expectations.

Muut 1.0.7

release 2013-04-12 o Muut team 5 updates o Show details


  • Fixed a code insertion issue with two successive “<” characters

  • Remove action not shown on collapsed state

  • Likes are not shown in collapsed state

  • Different icon (!) for “Offensive or spam”

  • Fixed the layout on “change password” section

Muut 1.0.6

release 2013-04-11 o Muut team 3 updates o Show details


  • Improved tooltips and validation on the login and join dialog

  • channel, user and account panels work if muut is placed inside absolutely or relatively positioned element

  • Email confirmation links work in escaped format

Muut 1.0.5

release 2013-04-10 o Muut team 9 updates o Show details


  • Flexible layout: the outermost .moot element can be freely resized

  • Forum layout does not break on narrow containers. Minimum container width is 600px

  • Floats are no longer used for layout

  • Links under the same domain don’t open a new tab/window

  • Full forum view (sidebar on right) is now used on screens bigger than 700px (was 980px)

  • Muut links inside hosting domain are rendered in shorter style

  • Improved search suggestions

  • Right to left (RTL) demo. This will be completed as part of our localization package

  • Muut setup now works an all clients and browser dimensions

Redis as the primary data store? WTF?!
blog 2013-04-08 o Courtney Couch o
Redis is a key-value in memory data store typically used for caches and other such mechanisms to speed up web applications. We however store all our data in Redis as our primary database.

Muut 1.0.4

release 2013-04-08 o Muut team 6 updates o Show details


  • Chrome on iOS now works

  • Older versions Firefox (3.6 and below) now works.

  • More readable and consistent line height on mobile devices.

  • Esc key no longer clears the inputted text. Esc- key is used for different purpose in China.

  • Each forum now has a title under Example.

  • New blog entry: Redis as the primary data store? WTF?!

Muut 1.0.3

release 2013-04-08 o Muut team 11 updates o Show details


  • Fixed Muut logo on the login dialog

  • Links on posts are opened in a new tab

  • When a thread is opened from the search results by clicking the gray triangle the search is cleared

  • Hitting logout no longer causes file upload to open on some versions of Firefox

  • Better overall experience with channel management

  • Allow adding channels after all channels have been deleted

  • Allow removing of newly added channels

  • Allow posting with international characters. URL keys are converted to punycodes. Welcome China!

  • Forums can start with numbers

  • Improved spam detection

  • Layout fixed for iPhone at

Muut 1.0.2

release 2013-04-06 o Muut team 5 updates o Show details


  • More solid back button behaviour

  • Links now work on search results view

  • Fixed a bug on channel editing when hitting edit and cancel multiple times

  • Fixed logo on authentication dialog on Firefox

  • Notify me about updates checkbox

Muut 1.0.1

release 2013-04-05 o Muut team 6 updates o Show details


  • Font-basesd graphics now work across browsers, firefox had an issue when embedding in alternate domains.

  • When a thread is expanded the body is now shown on the seed post, in some cases the body was missing

  • “Growl” notification box no longer causes an error when clicking on link about new posts.

  • Facebook join dialog makes it more clear that only lowercase letters are allowed for username.

  • Better URL match patter, now allows links with “(“ and “)” characters often seen in wikipedia.

  • Changed the default avatar for anonymous users.

Muut Beta
blog 2013-04-03 o Tero Piirainen o
We're proud to present a beautiful discussion platform that anyone can copy and paste onto their site, starting today.

Muut 1.0.0

release 2013-04-03 o Muut team 1 update o Show details


  • Initial release. Read the story from our blog.