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Imagine that, instead of three separate systems, there was one solution to power the forum, commenting, and messaging on your site.

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Over 3 million registered users spend more than a cumulative 12 years using Muut every day. Muut powers discussions for over 1.8 million communities including well known companies and brands, scientific communities, and government agencies.


Clean, uncluttered design. Lightning fast. Built for mobile.


Let conversation flow with the fastest and cleanest forums out there.


Let your users participate with commenting that blends into your site perfectly.


The easier way for your visitors to contact you, from anywhere on your site.

Works everywhere.


Muut was built to work at all screen sizes from the start.

Mobile friendly.

Muut is lightweight, so it loads quickly even over the slower mobile connections.

Seamlessly blends into your site.

Easily styleable. Extremely extensible.

Muut is a true part of your page, not a window to another site, like an iframe.

You can customize Muut’s looks using Muut Designer, our easy-to-use styling tool, or CSS.

Want a different layout — a comment drawer, perhaps? That’s easy to do with Muut.


We set it up and run it for you.


Muut’s servers will handle what you throw at them — no worrying about user counts or traffic loads.


Software and hardware are automatically setup, and upgrades require no action from you.

Fixed pricing.

We won’t punish you for getting popular, like other platforms: you pay for features, not traffic.

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